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Journal entry by Elaine Spidal

A week ago I was in the hospital with this strange face issue and thankfully it has not gotten worse.  The flip side, though, is that it hasn't resolved and the doctors really don't know where this came from or what it is.  All test results have now come back as normal or "negative" which is fantastic news.  But it still does not answer the question as to what is going on.  Bells Palsy is what we're tentatively saying and the only real treatment for it is a steroid and/or time.  I have not been prescribed anything yet and so I'm just watching it and we'll see if there are any changes in the coming days.

I did have an appointment with Dr. Kardosh this morning (thank you, Maureen, for the ride and going to the appointment with me!).  I'm definitely making him scratch his head (yet again!) and he really didn't have a concrete idea as to why I'm having these issues.  He does not think this is chemo-related and so, if I felt comfortable, he wanted to move forward with treatment today.  He was very kind and compassionate as always and said he does not want to do anything to hurt me so he wants to move cautiously forward.  I am to watch for any changes at all and contact the clinic if there are any concerns.  I promised to do that.

So, I am having my infusion of the Gemcitabine and Abraxane and pray that all goes well with no strange side effects.  
I do get a steroid as part of my pre-meds so maybe this will help in some way.  We'll see.

Below is my treatment schedule for the next several weeks.  I would really appreciate a ride there and then a ride home.  Please message me if you are available and want to help in this way!

August 19
Sept 2
Sept 9
Sept 16
Sept 30
Oct 7
Oct 14

I am scheduled for scans at the end of September to check the spot and to continue to look at the best plan of action moving forward.  

Some have asked what I need in regards to meals, help, etc. Prayer is my number one request :) but meals (especially on treatment weekends) or a gift card (GrubHub is a good one) are a few ideas. :)

I have not shared publicly at all but life has taken some twists and turns over the last several months.  Glen and I separated in March and are currently going through a divorce.  This has been even more painful and difficult than the cancer and something I never anticipated.  It is so very sad and absolutely horrible and complicated but I'm taking it day by day...
My new address is 33781 SW Larkins Mill Road Hillsboro, OR 97123.  My phone number is the same: 503.459.3774
I am living in a MIL apartment in a home on Bald Peak and I feel very safe there.  I welcome visitors :) (with safe distancing, of course).
I appreciate your prayers for this, too, as you can imagine the stress that this adds to everything...

Thank you, my tribe, for being there through it all.  My faith sustains me but your love and encouragement do too.

I will update more later...

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