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Journal entry by Diane Stoiber

Today I had my first follow-up with my neurosurgeon, Dr. Soliman
It has been 5 weeks and 1 day since surgery.
  • I started by getting x-rays.  I then met with Dr. Soliman.  He showed me the x-rays, which show that the 4 screws and 2 pins, that fuse vertebrae 9 & 10, are still correctly in place!  This is good, meaning that things are healing well.  
  • The vertebrae bones could take up to 3 months to completely heal, which is normal.
  • He also showed me the MRIs from both before and after surgery, so I could see that the TUMOR is GONE!
  • He also looked at the incision, which is healing well.  
  • My symptoms continue to improve since surgery, now that my spinal cord is no longer being crushed by the tumor.  There is very little tingling remaining in my thighs, and my once numb lower legs now have feeling and tingle.  I think my strength & balance are improving too. 
So, what does this all mean?   It means things are going GREAT!   
  • I can expect the improvements to continue over the next year or more.
  • I am sleeping better (still taking a nap in the afternoons)
  • I don't use a walker much at all anymore and regularly walk up and down stairs.
  • I have very little pain.
  • Standing and sitting for long periods of time is still difficult, but that is improving too.
What Now?   I will soon be doing more things... 
  • Like swimming and driving
  • Instead of NO BLT ... it is NO BLT all at once.  Meaning I can Bend, Lift, OR Twist ... but NOT all 3 at once!
  • Now I can lift 15 lb and in 2 more weeks 20 lbs. 
  • I will start PT soon to help improve my muscle tone and balance. 
What's next?
  • I will have another follow-up with Dr. Soliman in 6 weeks.
  • I have appointments for MRIs in 6 months with a nurse practitioner from neuro oncology at Froedtert (whom I also met with today) to monitor my spine to see if the tumor in my spine returns (unlikely) and to see if the benign meningioma in my brain is growing.  If problems arise, they can be caught early and managed. 
  • I will be contacting Dr Dotson, the Neurologist from Aurora in Grafton that worked with me as my symptoms from the tumor in my spine appeared.  I would like to make sure we have addressed all the symptoms and test results I had before the surgery.
  • I need to decide who I will see, for what, as we monitor my neurological issues going forward.
How lucky am I!  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!.

Let's get together --  "Just lunch w/ Diane"
  • Several of you have enjoyed "Just lunch w/ Diane".  I sure have!  I love looking forward to these lunches and visiting with people one on one. 
  • I will be extending the dates so those of you that were "invited" before will see more dates. 
  • If you have not been invited to share lunch with me and would like to, just let me know in a comment and I will make sure you get an invitation.  (I just need your email, which I will have if you "follow" this CaringBridge).
  • NOTE:  I always love to visit with people!  If you want to get together with me just let me know!!  It doesn't have to be lunch or the dates I list.  It's just that now, lunch time is good for me, (gives me time for an afternoon nap) but as I get stronger, I will be able to do more and will be able to last into the evening.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you!  
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