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Site created on July 17, 2018

Doug was at work, up on the scaffold, 10 feet high, a gust of wind n a joist or something somehow caused him t b swept off n he landed on the ground on wat part of the body I'm not sure,his head took the brunt,big gash...wen he woke bout 20 min. Later he cudnt move was disoriented...STARS airlifted him to Health Science Center,in Winnipeg.but after awhile he remembered falling. N cud talk, his vitals gud
But no feeling from bout armpits down,n of course not able to move at all.MRI  same day showed fractured vertebrae ,c6......which is MUCH better then if it wud of been c1 or2...
Today the 17th he has slight sensation ,can move hands slightly..
Hes in surgery now as I write, 4 to 5 hrs...
Will update later
He doesn't remember the actual fall but remembers hearing the joists clattering down and the next thing he knew he was lying face down on the ground.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Doug Wohlgemuth

Hi everyone. It's time for another update again. Lots has happened since my last post. We finally did get out of the lockdown in mid-January.
 I used the time to work on my school courses. I got my grade 12 math and  grade 12 English credits. I worked on that till April. I also got my GED finished. So, I was very busy.
This spring we started looking for a house again. It didn't seem like there was a lot on the market. Our realtor decided to look into the house we had put an offer on last fall. It actually was still available, so we put another offer on it. It was accepted and we got  possession on June 18. Another one of the many miracles that happened in our life. It is a very open house, with the living room, dining room, and kitchen all in the big open area. There are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom on the one side of the house and the master bedroom is on the other side. We also have a full basement. The yard is kind of neglected and will take a lot of work to make it the way we want it to look.
A very big thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Without all the generous help whether it be prayers or money, it would hardly have been possible to make such a purchase. I don't know how to thank you all and God bless you for it.
In about 2 or 3 weeks the ramps are going to be installed.In the beginning of July architect that works with WCB is coming to draw up a plan for renovations. We will widen a few doors and change the master bath. When it is finished I will be able to move in. The end of our separation is finally in sight.
On May 6, 2021 I went to the Health Science Centre to have a screening test for a baclofen pump. It was deemed a successful test so on Monday, June 21 I had the pump inserted. The surgery took about 2 hours, and I was told a few times that went very well. At first they told me I would be in the hospital for 2 to 3 days. But everything went so well they discharged me yesterday. Now I'm back at the Manor recuperating. This pump is in the abdomen and has a catheter running to the spine just underneath the skin. The pump is a puck size device that is just below the surface of the skin. The catheter was put in T12 and threaded up to T8. That is in the mid back which controls the arms and the legs. It constantly injects baclofen into the spinal cord. The baclofen is there to loosen up the stiff muscles in my legs due to the injury. I am supposed to have fewer  spasms as well. I am weaning off my oral medication and the hope is to strengthen my legs and arms to the point where I can do my own transfers and possibly a little walking. Once again we don't know of for this will go, since I have defied medical science since the day I got injured. Thank you again for all your prayers and support. We as a family could never have got this far without your help.

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