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Journal entry by Terri Gibbs

we returned to Rochester for Doug's follow up visit. he was last seen in February
at which point he was doing well and peak VO2 was 18.1 mils per kg per minute
56% predicted.  He was worked up for transplant at the end of last year and overall
felt to be a reasonable candidate apart from increased BMI.  He states that at this
visit he has not been as disciplined with his dietary intake and perhaps feels he has
gained some more fluid weight.  His NT proBNP was 485 compared to 370 last time in
February.  so Today he achieved a peak VO2 of 16.1 ml/kg/min, compared to 18.1
back in February and 17.6 last November, they reviewed his medication list and did
some adjustments and will return in 4 months for a repeat of the test. so in Layman
Terms the drs wanted better numbers they were ok with the results Doug was  more
upset with the results, they said when we return in 4 month for re-testing things will
be better with more weight loss, just watch fluid and sodium intake and hopefuly things
will improve next time, it is what it is and just hope and pray for better results next time
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