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Site created on February 28, 2018

Doc's started with the flu on Sunday, February 18th and upon visiting the doctor two days later was found to have pneumonia as well.  The illnesses continued to worsen as the days passed.  By Sunday, February 25th, Doc was lethargic and showed signs of memory loss.  A visit to the emergency room immediately followed.  Upon initial examination with a brain scan it was thought that Doc had suffered from a stroke.  It was also confirmed that he had meningitis, but viral meningitis which is better than bacterial meningitis.  The diagnosis of a stroke would not be confirmed until an MRI could be conducted and on Monday evening Doc was able to get through an MRI successfully.  The results came back on Tuesday morning and showed inflammation of the brain which can be normal for people with meningitis but also showed that a stroke had NOT occurred as originally thought.  As the days have progressed in the hospital, he has shown signs of improvements in some ways but not where we’d like him to be.  At this point we are worried about possible long term effects since he also shows signs of  regression while receiving treatment.  As of writing this we are awaiting a bed to open at MUSC (Charleston, SC) where we believe he'll receive more specialized treatment for his condition.  

The number of people reaching out for updates and to offer support has been overwhelming which is only a sign of how much Doc is loved and cared for by so many people.  For that I can't thank you enough!  THANK YOU!!  I am going to use this site to keep family and friends updated in one place.  Please feel free to share with others and visit back often for updates and news.  While encouraging texts, phone calls and emails are all great I feel like this is the best and most efficient method of providing updates to all.    

We greatly appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.  

Ashley Froneberger Smith 


Newest Update

Journal entry by Ashley Froneberger

An update from Ashley...

Doc is actually doing awesome. He was able to get off his IV fluids and medications and now has to take oral medication 3x a day. His doctors recommended that he take 6-8 weeks of short term disability from work. He is taking it a week at a time but is eager to get back to work. He is realizing how hard it is on him to do too much. He gets tired very easily. Headaches are so much better. Doctors think the inflammation is going down and they say he is so lucky. Most people with this have to relearn how to walk. So with all the prayers we like to think of it as a miracle more than lucky. He is slowly eating more and more each day but still has yet to acquire much of an appetite. He struggles with name recognition but knows who most people are. He just can't get their names out. He forgets things easily. But time will help. He just needs to rest. 
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