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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place.  One Saturday morning in November 2016,  Denis' wife, Vika, arrived at a preteen event at church, put down her bag, and suddenly fell to the floor unconscious. Denis and others on site administered CPR until an ambulance arrived. She remained in a coma for many weeks. Through the help of the prayers and financial support of many friends, Denis has coordinated her care to the point where much progress has been made, but her life remains extremely fragile and uncertain. Please read the journal entries to know the full story. Currently (March 2019) Denis and Vika are in need of extra financial support, which for anyone outside of the Russian Federation wishing to help, this is best accomplished by using Western Union. For more details contact We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for reading. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Tammy Fleming

Here is an update from Denis, from April 5, 2019: 

"Dear friends, I want to share with you how things are going with Vika. After her bout with pneumonia, Vika is slowly regaining strength. Sadly, Vika has had pneumonia three times recently and her body is exhausted. Of course that affects her overall ability to make progress. But Vika is not giving up and continues to fight for her life. She takes every opportunity to communicate in some way. The results of the latest EEG gave good news: there is no epiactivity*, and alpha rhythm is present at a frequency of 5 Hertz. This is better than the last measurement. Now we have the opportunity to begin rehabilitation using external machines. This will begin in the middle of April. On May 15th, Vika will undergo an operation at the Far East University's medical center to insert a pump to eliminate her spasms. I really hope that this operation will result in more effective rehabilitation. Please pray that Vika will meet the approval of all the doctors and that she will not fall ill before the operation. Especially please pray that the operation itself will go well, and for Vika's successful rehabilitation. Thank you all for the many ways in which you are sacrificing to help us."  -- from Denis Artiyukhin

* we had been praying about this specifically. It's great to see specifically answered prayers! 

Please visit the photo gallery to view pictures of Vika and her family. 
If you would like to donate to help Denis and Vika: A secure, straightforward way to send money directly to Denis is through Western Union. The cheapest fee for sending money via Western Union is if you pay by cash in person at a Western Union branch office. When I sent money in this way recently for Denis, the fee was 5%, when I paid by cash in person,  as opposed to 14% if I used a credit or debit card, or 12% if I did it from my bank account. All that you need is Denis's first, middle and last name, his e mail and his phone: 
     E mail:
     Telephone: +7 (914) 706 88 74 
Western Union will give you a receipt for the money you send, with a Tracking Number. You should e mail this Tracking Number to Denis. Then he will have no problem collecting your donation from any one of several Western Union locations near him in Vladivostok. 

To find your nearest Western Union office, simply go to

Feel free to contact me with any questions. - Tammy Fleming,


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