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Site created on April 26, 2019

Thank you for visiting today.  
On May 10, 2019, I will be admitted to Boston to begin the process of a bone marrow transplant. They will need to reduce my immune system, so my immune system will not attack the healthy cells.
 My bone marrow became taxed from the blood disorder, Polycythemia vera, high platelets,  which progressed to Myelofibrosis, depleting my bone marrow, not able to produce healthy blood cells.  
If all goes well, I will be discharged from Boston in a month.  Pray that my body does accept the new cells, and throw in extra that it is strong polish blood.  (just Kidding).
The first 100 days will be the most crucial for me.  I will not have an immune so I will be susceptible to getting an infection, which may be very dangerous  to me, and my recovery. 
While I am in the hospital, I can have visitors, if you are healthy, without a virus, children over 12, and you recently did not receive immunization that is live.
When I  come home, I can have visitors, same rules as above.  I will have to follow a a strict diet.  Please do NOT bring any flowers or plants!
I am hoping with this site, to keep you informed and updated with my progress.  I am hoping that somebody out there will volunteer to help with the link to keep it updated, until I have the strength to keep it current myself.  
This site also provides a calendar,  for all to see what and when is needed, to give you an opportunity to volunteer for a slot, such as transportation to appointments to Boston, house chores, shopping,  When I do come home, I am unable to do any housework, (oh darn).  I will not be able do laundry, but can fold clothes, if I have energy, I can make my own meals, but can not do dishes.  DO NOT bring any yummy dishes that you cooked from your kitchen, BUT, you can bring the supplies to my home and make it.  : ) .
I hope this helps answer some questions or concerns you have.  
You may forward my link to family and friend.
Thank you for your prayers, and support.
Love you,

Newest Update

Journal entry by Debbie Jerard

Hello everybody,  
I am doing well.  Healing from my broken shoulder.  My hair is growing back.  Each day, I feel so blessed that I continue to get stronger.
A special shout out to LHCC for all of your prayers and support during this time.
This is going to be my last entry on this site.  I wish you all the best, and stay healthy this year. 
Love you
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