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Journal entry by Craig Deaton

On October 25, 2019, the sun rose at 7:59 am, it was a typical overcast, 60 degree, fall day, and set at 6:44 pm.  Predictable.  That is what us humans seem to like, is predictability, we like things stay the same for the most part, and slowly improve over time.  No sudden changes, no going backwards. To be able to see just far enough in the future that there are no surprises. We know of course, that is not life, and that is ok.   Its been a year since Dad's surgery so far, and we are thankful, blessed, and grateful for each normal day, each predictable day. 

His latest 3 month MRI, October,  was again clear.  Praise the Lord.  We thank Him for the healing so far.

We continue to see some improvement (even though he don't think so) in his ability to call peoples names, just the other day, he was talking to me, and I saw more "normal Dad" than I think I have seen since surgery.  He continues to spend quite a bit of time in the shop, picking up parts, doing pickup and deliveries, and He was able to spend a fair amount of time in the combine and doing other harvest related activities.  We are thankful for his help. 

Last week marks his tenth chemo week.  For the most part he feels ok, just generally blah, and he rests more for a couple of weeks,  except today he mowed grass, brrrr...and then hauled a load of dirt for the neighbor, so if there is something to do, he does it anyway.  They originally said 12 chemo treatments, which will be done in January. We don't know yet what they will say to do then.  So we continue to wait, pray, and praise.  

Thank you all for your love, concern, and prayers.
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