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Journal entry by Flora Crim

So today was one of the big days we’ve been waiting for since Dave was released from the hospital: the follow up with his stem cell doctor.  I am currently in Little Rock at the National Play Therapy conference (side note: for those that don’t know another lifetime ago I worked in a private practice seeing mostly children and did supervision with those who worked with dcs.  I had to resign after I returned from eating disorder treatment to care for myself and as I started to think about returning covid happened and dave got sick.  However I’m still keeping up on my ceus so here I am in Little Rock for the week.  Yes it is a gigantic risk and yes I am taking every possible precaution as to not bring back anything to dave.)

Okay back to the point of this blog: so dave met with dr Robertson today from IU and I was able to join via FaceTime.  Dr Robertson is feeling quite positive about Dave’s progress and is feeling fairly certain that we will get a good report back after Dave’s pet scan tomorrow.  Dr Robertson said that he doesn’t need to see Dave for another 3 months which is amazing!  But even more amazing is this:  dave can get his covid and influenza vaccines which means dave can join the rest of society for the first time since this whole thing started 18 months ago.  Dr Robertson said once he is fully vaccinated he can just follow all the other covid precautions that have been recommended to the public and he can return to work, church, friends and family.  He can go shopping.  We can go on a date.  I won’t need to keep Lysoling the groceries.  He can meet the kids teachers and see where they go to school.  He can live his life again and so can we.  Guys-this is a HUGE big deal!  And I am so excited for him.  However at the same time dave and I are a bit gunshy.  We keep wondering when is the other shoe going to drop.  We even discussed tonight about how we may celebrate if he truly is in remission.  However as we talked I realized I was feeling afraid: afraid of getting my hopes up only to have them dashed.  Please please pray with me that we get good news from this pet scan because if we don’t it will crush all four of us.  We really need this report to say the cancer is not able to be seen.  We need to be able to move on especially dave.  If we do get bad news we are going to need a lot of love and support because it’s going to be a hard reality for us to face.  

Anyways but I am hoping and praying we get good news.  I’m fairly certain we will and that the good news just keeps coming.  But even if we do end up getting some more bad news we will trust in Him-the one that always cares for us to know He will guide our next steps even if we are too tired to take another step.  He will push us and encourage us to keep moving forward and to keep trusting him. 

Okay I need to go to sleep now because I have a full day of workshops tomorrow and having fun. But expect another blog post soon with the results of the pet scan and what is next in our lives.  

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