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Site created on August 7, 2020

Hi Everyone! Dan here :) just wanted to say welcome to my page. As most of you are aware I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma in July 2019 and immediately started chemo for 6 months. We saw great results halfway through but it only lasted for a few months. In April 2020 the cancer was back and I was diagnosed with recurring Hodgkins (basically means it never left).  The doctor explained I needed to undergo 4 more months of chemo and then a stem-cell transplant, followed by maintenance chemo. Fast forward a couple months and here we are. After the second set of rounds my scans came back clean and I found out I am in remission!  It was the best day ! Next stage brings us here. On Monday August 10th I will be admitted to the hospital for 3-4 weeks. I am only allowed one visitor due to COVID so figured this page would be the best go to place for updates on my time in the hospital! 

I do want to take this time to thank every single one of you. If you are reading this page it’s because I know you care about me and my journey. It’s the love and support that I’ve received over the past year that has helped me get through it all! Huge shout out to my family and friends and of course my loving boyfriend! Love you all and see you soon! 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Susie Sartori

Day 32.  Dani has been doing great.  Hard to believe looking at her what she went through...as I believe she looks great. 

she did have a slight set back last night. She was sick to her stomach.  She is still a little off .. but overall doing pretty good. No fever

met with dr cashens nurse today. All her counts were great...and hard to believe they will start maintenance chemo next weeks.  It will be 16 ...every three weeks..so it will be a year.  While the chemo does not have really adverse side effects and she tolerates it well...it is still a disruption in her life.  But on the positive note...it should not impact her immune system 

her cousin abby Davis  has set up a team for the lymphoma and leukemia light the night walk for Dani and Bobby   The name of team is “sartori strong”   I have attached the links if you want to do the virtual walk

Here is our team (Sartori Strong): register and walk on 10.8.2020


here is the donation page for the team



thanks again for all your support and prayers.  I know it was really appreciated!!!

this is my last post.....handing it over to Dani ...

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