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Saturday June 2nd 10:30pm
Its been officially 24 hours since we first thought we were going in for migraine medication for Craig, where we learned that the headaches he has had for 4-5 days were much more serious than we thought. Its pretty crazy when you receive that news, it doesn't feel real and when the Physician Assistant said those words, "I have bad news, we are seeing a mass in your brain on your CT Scan". I can tell you, nothing prepares you for that moment. These things are not supposed to happen, especially not to Craig, not to my husband and the father of our son. Time doesn't stop because your not ready for that moment - luckily the staff at Essentia were great and let us know we needed to proceed with a MRI and get Craig admitted to the hospital. 

During this time our good friends Alicia and Al had already stepped in to take care of our dog and our 2 year old son Reeve. Thank you. Thank you. 

The next few hours ticked by slowly, but by 6:00am Craig's parents and sister were in route to Fargo and my parents shortly after. 

Now today, Saturday around 3:00pm we met with the Neurologist and discussed the MRI that was taken the previous night. The mass or left frontal lobe tumor is approximately the size of a lime. Which more than explains the pain he's had this week. The Neurologist let us know our next step is surgery and to remove as much of the tumor as possible. The surgery is this followingThursday. Craig will be in ICU for at least 2 days, and then moved to the hospital for 2 more days before returning home. We won't know much about our road to recovery until about 10-14 days  after surgery. We are told the tumor has to be tested to tell us about it, and to see if its benign, or the other 100+ other possibilities. Then we will know if we will need Chemo or Radiation as well.  

In these short 24 hours we have had a rush of emotions and are still processing the news ourselves. We have lots to pray for, lots to be thankful for, and appreciate all the kind words we've received thus far. Craig is a champ, strong as hell, heck - he ran the 10K just 2 weeks ago with me (and he didn't train!), he has limited symptoms, and the tumor seems to be secluded to a singular area and no where else in his body. Plus on top of that we have a wonderful network of friends/family and tons of prayer warriors. Thank you all for praying and caring for Craig. We love you all and will keep you updated as we learn more each day. 

- Candice 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Candice Ahmann

Good Evening Friends/Family! 
Lots has happened in the short few weeks since I last posted.

1) Craig got his restricted license back and now can get to/from work and run necessary errands. Its fantastic - he keeps volunteering to go to the grocery store. Winning!

2) Craig, our friend Aaron, and I ran the 10K Fargo Marathon last weekend with our AHMANN STRONG shirts. (Go Gray in May - Brain Cancer Awareness Month!) We ran almost 10 minute miles which we were both proud of. And yes, if you didn't know already, Craig beat me across the finish line. I thought about just "letting him win", but then he just decided to be faster than me.  

3) We have now been doing a therapeutic Keto diet for about 3 weeks. So far its been good! I'm not sure if I'll keep doing it 100%, but Craig is rocking it out and in the meantime my pants fit better and we are both less hangry. 

Last but not least, Craig and I just arrived back from the Mayo Hospital in Rochester, MN tonight. Overall it was a successful trip with some positive results. Craig had his updated MRI scan and we saw some improvements, there are clear signs of less swelling and signs of tumor shrinkage. Craig also got the go ahead to taper off of the steriods he's been taking for months. Whoop Whoop. So the next step is to keep monitoring the AVASTIN treatments  to ensure that they continue to do their job --> shrinking his tumors and preventing any new growth. 

My mother often reminds me - people want to know what to pray for. I thought I'd share what I continue to pray each week for Craig, for myself, and for our family: STRENGTH mentally and physically, COURAGE, and a PEACEful heart. 

keep on, keeping on -  Love the Ahmanns 
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