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Site created on May 4, 2018

So today is May the 4th and yesterday I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer!

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Journal entry by Corilyn Berry

This has been a long journey. I can count how many chemos I have left on one hand!!!! 

I've had so little issues along the way but still issues. Two small infections that didn't effect me getting treatment. Neuropathy, tremors, vision problems, total numbness in my left arm. Bouts where I couldn't walk without my husband carrying me. Taste lose, not to mention being in early menopause right now. And I held it all together being positive. I had one bad emotional day but I'm entitled to that. 

Three more weeks left. Three more rounds of chemo and then on to five tests. Mammogram, ultrasound, PET scan, breast mri, and Echo of my heart. Once those are done, my second surgery. I'm anxious to get there but in a good way. I'm ready to get that part over and done with and head on to radiation. I'm still collecting gas money for that six weeks. I'm just super ready to be done with all this and be NED (no evidence of disease). 
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