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Site created on May 30, 2018

Long story short... I have a brain tumor, we call it Sebastian.

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Journal entry by Clay Binford

We are now back home in Whitefish and so happy to see our boys. 

Still in shock at the course of events over the past several weeks.  Praising the Lord for this miracle and very emotional as we re-enter our life.  We know we will never fully understand the reasons for everything this side of heaven, but praying that He would be glorified through this.

We met with Dr. Lindsey, my neurologist, who was kind of taken aback by my story.  He hadn't seen anything like this and had some explanations medically but none of which actually explained what happened.  I will have another brain MRI in 2 months.  I will still be on my brain vitamins for the foreseeable future and have regular checkups just to make sure everything is fine, but considering what we thought we were in for, I can manage that.

Many of you have been very kind in providing support and we can't thank you enough.  Many of you also asked how you could help when we returned.  Considering that we are in a very different place now, we would encourage you to provide a meal or support to a neighbor in need.  Please find a way to glorify God in little ways in the community you find yourself in.

This will be the last update on the caringbridge site.  Thank you all again for your support and prayers.
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