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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep our family and friends updated with one form of communication. We appreciate your support, prayers, and encouragement.

Chuck was diagnosed with myeloid dysplastic syndrome (MDS) in the summer of 2017. He had gone for a routine checkup when his physician noticed that his white blood cell count was low. After numerous tests it was confirmed that he had MDS. The following year we watched his counts very closely which included numerous bone marrow biopsies. These determined the correct timing for the bone marrow transplant. A bone marrow transplant is the only cure for MDS. 

On September 7th, Chuck will be admitted to the University of Wisconsin Hospital. He will have five days of intensive chemotherapy. Once this has happened his bone marrow transplant will take place. We are very thankful for our unrelated donor for giving us this gift. To learn more about the transplant process please visit

We are going into this with a positive attitude and are hopeful that he will be back to enjoying time with his grandchildren, children, traveling with Karen, trips to the cabin, etc. We truly believe we will see God’s healing hand in his recovery!

Please join us in praying for a successful transplant, an uneventful hospital stay ( around six weeks), and minimal side effects. Thank you for all of the encouragement, prayers, and support we have already received. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by kristin johnson

Dear Family and Friends,


We wanted to give you a quick update on Chuck’s progress since we haven’t communicated in quite awhile. The last six weeks have been a rigorous challenge. We are walking through a valley right now. We want to get back on the hike up to the top of the mountain but circumstances have been prohibiting him from pushing ahead, You know this Viking definitely wants to persevere! He needs the German donor to take completely over now. Chuck is suffering from graft host disease of his colon. It is a everyday problem which has caused him to continue to lose weight. His personal chef has tried cooking every kind of food possible on the graft host diet. With very little appetite and the fatigue he feels it is a daily challenge. He is also struggling with chronic dry mouth which is a common problem often experienced by transplant patients. This makes it hard for him to swallow food. Our fantastic transplant team continues to address every battle he is experiencing. Chuck is known as the eternal optomist at the cancer clinic so it is not that he isn’t trying hard enough to get better We are craving normalcy in our lives but we also know that it is not going to happen for many more months. Growth in grace is characterized by a willingness to wait on the Lord. We have accepted our circumstances, understanding that God can bring order out of this chaos, He is sufficient to meet our needs and is carrying us through. We appreciate your encouragement for us, care for us, and your prayers. It mean more than you can imagine. This has literally kept us going Thank you! Better days are ahead!

Chuck and karen

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