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 Well to make a long story much shorter, I've had health issues since the age of four, though, I wasn't OFFICIALLY diagnosed until the age of 17. I suffer from a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlose Syndrome also called hEDS, as I have the hypermobile type.  EDS is a connective tissue disorder that can affect every organ or joint in the body. Ehlers Danlose can cause other comorbidities, ( two or more chronic conditions), I also suffer from Dysautonomia and Lymphedema (I will go into detail of each condition in my journal entry).  Through the years my joint pain or pain overall has worsened. Like many EDS patients, we have 'loose' joint's which causes frequent dislocations and subluxations (partial dislocation), and because of this I am in need of new doctors who are inclined and knowledgeable about my illness.
  I am trying my best to advocate for my illness while taking care of my body.  All my updates can be found here and thank you again for joining me on my fight for wellness!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Makahla Jackson

This week was filled with tears, injections, and a lot of doubt, but even now, God's faithfulness is still present.

Pain and discomfort seem to meet me the most at night when I am most vulnerable. Well, Monday night my shoulder pain was so intense I couldn't use my entire left side. I messaged my Orthopedic doctor and I got an appointment after PT on Wednesday. She, like me, is perplexed and confused on what to do next. She gave me an injection in the shoulder joint, and boy was that the most painful injection I've ever received. We had trouble even getting the shot to enter my shoulder joint, taking breaks in between breathes. But finally, we got it in. But I believe the shot actually loosened up my shoulder more than usual. I am waiting a few more days to see how my body reacts.

Now for my hips...
I mentioned the fact that I can no longer go more than 5 minutes walking without becoming fatigued with Hip pain. She doesn't like the idea of being a part time wheelchair user, so we are now looking into a Unloader hip brace (pictured below.) She believes we can try this to see if this takes the pressure off of my hips and helps with the mobility. On December 12th, I will have a MRI with contrast to see if there is anymore damage going on with my hip as we already know I have mild osteoarthritis in my hips. A lot of things happening with my hips, shoulders, and occasional rib movement, but I am determined to fight for my health. 

Am I nervous? Yes. Am I stressed? A little. But have I lost hope? NOPE. I know things will work out for my good, I'm just trusting and believing in God's purpose for this pain. Thank you for the constant support!
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