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Jan 17-23

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Hello, everyone!  I have been home for a little over a month now, and we are settling back into somewhat of a normal routine.  I am attending outpatient therapy twice a week, and my in-house therapists (Chloë, Chi, Chroi, and Chorin...😆 ) are working me out daily too.  The strength and coordination on my left side are definitely MUCH better than when I was released.  My therapists are VERY thrilled with my progress so far, and they are optimistic for a full recovery.

Since being discharged, I have struggled with writing this message.  I don't even know where to begin, but I think that this week is the perfect time to send this message.  Having said that, "Thank you" seems so shallow and empty and insufficient in this instance.  The way in which you enveloped my family and me during this time is awe-inspiring and leaves me speechless!  It allowed me to focus on just getting better.  You truly 
exemplified the true meaning of community, and you let us know that we are not alone, especially during this season.  The cards, text messages, calls, visits, food, donations, gifts for the kids, and DEFINITELY the prayers will FOREVER be remembered.  Although we can NEVER repay you for the generosity and love that you have shown us, please know that you all...EVERY one of you -- family near and far (my mother, Willamae Johnson, who came from The Bahamas, my mother-in-law and my father-in-law, Ronnie and Yvonne Hester, who were on the road driving here from Raleigh, NC, almost immediately after my stroke, and all of those who wanted to come, but could not right now), friends and neighbors (my Sugar Hill Council of Dads crew and their families, The Padillas, The Riveras, The Godfreys, and too many more to name), our White Oak PTA and family, our Lanier Education Foundation (LEF) family, our Lanier Athletic Association (LAA) family, our New Mercies Christian Church family, our Sugar Hill Church family (Pastor Chuck and the entire leadership team, The Menesses and the Tuesday morning child care crew), and the doctors, nurses, staff, and therapists of Northside Forsyth Hospital and Northeast Georgia Inpatient Rehab Center -- will ALWAYS be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.  We look forward to opportunities to serve you and others, as you have served us.

Finally, to my beautiful wife and kids, who demonstrated so much courage during an incredibly difficult time.  Thank you for keeping our family going while I was away.  I missed you SO much, and I am SO happy to be home with you now!  I love you!




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