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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting. In January 1974 Lynne and I began a journey together. This week, we’ve started a brand new one we weren’t expecting.

The gallery section will show milestone photos of this journey to help draw our visitors along with us as we hopscotch through  our 49 years - you math people will note that we knew each other a couple of years before tying the knot. 

We MIGHT throw in a few childhood photos from those that have them and agree to share. (Yes even the ones that prove, at one point, I did have hair.)

Newest Update

Journal entry by Chris Strange

Ah, Terry the tumor’s defeat is complete! Two weeks in eternity has erased all that Chris might even remember of the ravages Terry caused. I imagine it’s a bit like trying to remember how you received that tiny scar on your knee when you were three years old. 

Next Thursday, May 20th, at 2pm you are invited to join us online or in person for a celebration of Chris’ earthly life, held at Calvary Baptist Church, Radford VA. It will be a wonderful time to remember him, and I’m really looking forward to that! The beautiful thing to me, is in celebrating Chris’ life, we celebrate Christ and what He is willing to work into a life lived for Him. 

Way back when we married 47 years ago, in the military phase, Chris’ plan was to work hard and get as far ahead in the Air Force as he could. But God had another plan and guided our lives to a place that Chris saw a need to alter his plan pursuing a career in military service. First the Lord had to gain Chris’ attention and wake him up to the fragility of life by allowing my mother to come Home. This shook him to the core. Then he introduced Chris to another Terry at a company conference to faithfully and clearly share how Christ could be believed and trusted to direct him in this temporary earthly life. Now Chris could be stubborn to a fault and it took that Terry five hours to break through the wall of doubt Chris had built. Praise the Lord and thank you Terry!

At that time, we were in the corporate phase of our life together with our two precious sons. We moved, a lot, during those years but with the four of us together, we could get through anything the Lord set before us. God faithfully grew us all and placed us in the wonderful churches all over the USA to instruct us as a family. Next, He led us into a ministry time with college age adults and teenagers. It’s difficult to describe the joy, expanding our family through loving others, and sheer exhaustion of that phase! We loved it - mostly ;-). The Lord brought us our precious daughter during that phase! Again, praise the Lord! Now the five of us were growing and learning how to walk more closely with Him as our guide. That’s when the Lord allowed real opposition and showed us how to fight our enemy and build some spiritual muscle. We knew He was working another change in our lives and soon it was clear we were to serve Him on the mission field. 

This is when the fight began in earnest. Our enemy began attacking the closest and dearest to us. Our son, PR had a life threatening accident. This was a ‘but God’ moment in our lives. In a beautiful act of kindness, God spared his life and begin to work out His plan for him. Brent faced struggles as he sorted through the direction God would place before him and Tonia. In yet another great act of kindness God faithfully began teaching them as a couple how to follow Him. The first separation of the five of us provided fertile ground for the enemy to do his worst. That “but God” bit is still in the works!

Held firmly in His love, God brought us into our Bible school and mission training phase beginning in the UK. What challenges we faced stepping into college in our 40’s decade! And, we had another family expansion, multiculturally this time, as we and our classmates were challenged and stretched together in His Word. As promised, He scattered us all around His world to share the Good News. For Chris and I that was to our second home country of the Philippines. 

While so far away, God blessed us with three precious granddaughters, welcoming one directly into heaven, carried in His arms. God helped us survive the city life all through language learning with amazing godly, tolerant teachers, before placing our feet in the jungle. Once again, our family grew and now our hearts were wrapped around our Philippine family members and a lovely group of missionary family - complete with brothers, sisters, daughters and sons in the Lord!

All of these phases helped shape the life we celebrate this coming Thursday. Each phase will hopefully be represented during that brief time together with as many as can be there in person or on live stream. Please come. We will celebrate Chris. 

Most importantly though, we will celebrate what God will work into a life lived for Him.

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