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Journal entry by Maggie Bax

Today was not extubation day. And that is okay because like we have said before, it's Charlee's world and we are just living in it. She will be ready when she is ready. (Mom and Dad are just really hoping it is tomorrow!) Starting yesterday morning Charlee's chest x-ray showed some atelectasis, which is a partial collapse of the entire lung or just a lobe. In Charlee's case, it was just her left upper lobe. And in layman's terms, she had a lot of boogers she was holding on to and not coughing up. After a day of increased respiratory treatments on Wednesday, her left upper lobe was still slightly diminished on Thursday morning. Dr. Kristen got serious with her respiratory treatments today and set a plan in place to make sure Charlee is ready come tomorrow morning. She got an X-Ray in the evening and her left upper lobe was open! And Charlee was breathing a little easier. There is a set plan in place for the evening, including crucial rest time for Charlotte as well as treatments to keep her breathing easy! 

I read a blog post recently about "Mothering Different". It really hit home. It talks about things you dream of while you are pregnant with your first child. Dreaming of your first vacation. Dreaming of watching sports games on the couch on weekends. Dreaming of their first words and first steps. But now, we no longer dream of firsts. We dream of our daughter making it through surgery. We dream of living at home all together, outside of these hospital walls. We dream of Charlee's chest tubes coming out. We dream of being able to hold our daughter with no restrictions, no tubes, no wires. We dream of Charlee being successfully extubated. And tonight we will go to bed, dreaming and praying for a successful day tomorrow. Charlotte Siena Bax is ready, she is ready to succeed. 

Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire - St. Catherine of Siena
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