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Site created on November 8, 2018

Ever since my mother passed away from breast cancer 40 years ago, I've been expecting to have to deal with cancer.  This week it became a reality.   Friends, family, and medical staff have all been wonderful. "There have been great strides in treating cancer."  "Keep a positive attitude.  It will make a difference."  "Let me know what you need.  I'll help you in any way I can."  These sentiments and more are heartfelt expressions from the people surrounding and supporting me.   While this provides a momentary distraction from the fear and anxiety that haunts me, when I'm home alone with my thoughts, it's all been erased from my mind.  

For the next three to four months, I anticipate a mix of emotions and physical well-being as I go through a bilateral mastectomy and follow up with chemotherapy treatment.  Having just been diagnosed, I haven't gotten the whole plan laid out yet.  As one who likes to look ahead and anticipate/plan/prepare, this is incredibly frustrating.  

A close friend suggested CaringBridge as a way to let people know what kind of support I will need, and when I will need it.  So many people have offered to help, but I don't even know yet what kind of help I'll need.  So I'm setting up this page for friends and family to stay in touch and understand what kind of needs they may be able to help fill.  

As a Christian, I find comfort in knowing that I'm loved, I'm cared for, and whatever happens, some good will come of this situation.   Through this page, I'll share more of how my faith is giving me the strength to endure.   

For now, what I need is prayer -- specific prayer.  When I am feeling pain or fear, I pray that is replaced with peace.   I want people to pray for healing.  I want people to pray that the chemotherapy will not be completely debilitating and I will still be able to work and earn income.    I want people to pray that if there's an opportunity to share my faith in God, I don't miss it.  There's power in prayer.  

Thank you for loving me and supporting me through this journey.

God Bless,

Romans 12:2

Newest Update

Journal entry by Charis Hutchinson

Today I went in for my fourth treatment. Thankfully, it was uneventful and I slept through it all. 

I still have many follow up visits over the next three months and then a reconstructive surgery, but I think by end of summer this will all be behind me. 

Thank you you all for your calls, texts, hugs, prayers, visits, meals, and more. 

It was amazing how just when I might be feeling low, that’s the time someone sent me a random text checking on me.  

I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal routine and will be seeing many of you more often in the coming weeks. 

Thank you again for your love and concern.
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