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Site created on March 1, 2018

 The youngest of five Cecile has always been a shining star just like all the kids around us. She decided to break our streak of mid year monthly birthdays by coming into the world a couple of weeks early and sporting an extra chromosome, Down Syndrome. We spent the first few weeks at Valley General then at Mary Bridge till almost a month old.  Then we rode out the 2001 Nisqually Quake on the 6th floor at Mary Bridge with RSV. 

 She is a Junior at Tahoma HS and has spent the past years involved in Special Olympics Track, Basketball, Swimming, Bowling and Golf.  Loves her time spent with the Jam Club of the Maple Valley Youth Symphony as music is a very important part of her day as she is always dancing, singing and or signing in ASL to all the hip songs of the day.  She loves school and is what you would probably call a social butterfly as she thrives on interactions with everyone she meets.  As you can tell from the photo above one of her greatest thrills is being apart of the Tahoma Cheer Sparkles Squad for the past 4 years,  and even recruited Coach Mom as she calls her for the squad.

 And now 16 years later we once again find ourselves at Mary Bridge battling Leukemia, and while it is a very serious form of cancer there have been great strides in treatment and remission/cure rates. 

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Carla Snyder

Wouldn't you know the last update has the same drugs as this one for the finale, start with a sedated Interthecal MTX with a 10 min Vincrystine drip along with an hour drip of patamadine. Add 5 days of high dose Prednisone and her standard maintenance meds have been on the increase because blood work is to good (go figure) a full mercaptapurine every day and a bump to 10 MTX pills on Friday nights. Then around June 15th she will take her final chemo pill. There's a pic below of the spread of drugs as I gel cap up a supply of meds for the month, a regular Walter White moment. 

 Hard to believe it has been 2 yrs and 3 months ago this all started, and what a roller-coaster it has been. Also coming up on a year since her Make a Wish trip to Disney World. And for the second year in a row she had to spend her Birthday morning with a clinic visit. We couldn't have done this without the support of all of you. One more update to follow with her last chemo pill and the End of Treatment ringing of the bell.
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