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Welcome to my CaringBridge website. I am using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. I appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

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Journal entry by Cindi Boggs

I am doing great! I walked 35+miles for the American cancer society this month! That was fun and motivating!! Thank you to those who donated to the cause and supported me💗💗💗

 I haven’t seen or talked to MY oncologist since February this year because of Covid-19. I have spoke to the other oncologist in the office and to my doctors PA. But I finally got to speak to him, Dr Banta, on September 30 and was deeply disappointed in the conversation. This appointment was over the phone due to the corona virus. I felt like I was a burden to I was putting him out by requesting to talk to my own oncologist! He was short with me, uncaring, argumentative and unprepared!   He told me that my percentage of reoccurrence of cancer was 50%......I call bull shit!!!!  My radiologist oncologist told me, after an hour of going over my entire cancer journey, that my percentage of reoccurrence was less then 10% after radiation!! Dr Banta wanted to know why I was NOT on the hormone blocking pill yet!!! I told him I went on 3 weeks vacation and was told NOT to start that pill until I got back....he said that was a good idea-side effects are bad. He wanted to start me on tamoxifen(pre-menopause)...I said I would NOT take it because of the side effects. He said there is meds he can give me for the side effects—-no thank you!! He said just because I am 57 years old does NOT mean I am in menopause!!! He asks me what symptoms I have that mean I am in menopause? I said hot flashes and weight gain. He says that doesn’t matter?!?!?!? I asked for the blood test that determines if I am in menopause or not!!!! He asked me other questions that if he had looked in my medical file he might have already known the answers .!!! At the end of the conversation I was super upset and confused! I also asked for a referral to have my port taken out. Three weeks later I have my referral and an appointment for that this Friday October 30. He also prescribed Anastrozole (post-menopause) pills for me to take.  The side effects are just as bad! Oh and not for 5 years like I had been told but for 10 years....Omgosh!!!!  Here is my problem.....I do not want to take a pill that is going to make me more of a bitch than I can already be. I do not want to take a pill that is going to make me not feel good, one that is going to give me brain fog and blurry vision! This pill is for quantity of life not quality of life. My gut....deep down inside is telling me that quality is more important and I am willing to eat better, exercise and take natural supplements to help aid in my body staying healthy. Mike and I have talked about this ALOT......he is supporting me. And who knows....the cancer may return but it may return on that pill too....there are no guarantees.....but I do know I want to live my life , feel good, and do my best to be healthy. And Mike would like this Rock!!! 

I can and will do ALL things through Jesus Christ, with Him by my side as He has always been all things are possible!!! Please keep me in your prayers. I need wisdom, peace and continued strength as my journey moves on💗💗💗

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