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Friends and Family,

Thank you for visiting Carsons website. Your cares, prayers and concern for him and us are greatly appreciated.

We will be updating Carsons progress on this website. We are so thankful for each of you who offer to help. We promise to ask if we think of something. Our number one request is prayer and petition God daily to completely heal Carson.  

Our love to you,

Todd, Darla, Emma, Riley, and Super C (Carson). :)

Carson LaDage is the 4 year old son of Todd and Darla LaDage. In April and May of 2011, Carson had difficulty walking straight, even walking with a limp at times, and his head was tilted to the left. In June, he began to stutter and we took him to our pediatrician. We were admitted to the hospital for testing and revealed a 1.5 inch by 2 inch tumor in his brainstem. Carson underwent surgery to remove as much as the tumor as possible on June 7th. Thanks to the many who prayed, he was able to go home without any serious side effects the doctors mentioned (feeding tube, tracheostomy tube, etc.) Carson had a mediport put in his chest June 24th with the plan to begin chemotherapy on July 8th.

We ask for your prayers for Carson. We ask for your prayers for the doctors and nurses treating Carson for wisdom. We ask for prayers for Todd and Darla; for guidence and wisdom and strength. We ask for prayers for his Emma and Riley and the entire family. Thank you soo much!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Darla LaDage

Good news #1 The tumor is stable. 

Good news #2 The necrosis is stable. The shoulders, hips and right ankle are fine. One knee has a small spot that is stable compared to January. The left ankle has healed well and we will be released from seeing the ortho here in October if no other issues surface. The ortho gives his blessing for Carson to be training to go to Philmont Boy Scout Ranch next summer for an 80-100 mile hike.  

Good news #3 The LP showed a normal opening pressure. Very normal...not on the high end of normal. Just normal. Really not what we were expecting to find. In the past, his opening pressure was three times higher. 

The conundrum is what is causing the optic nerve to be more swollen now than in the past. While we thought it was the weaning off of the medication that kept it down...since the pressure is normal it doesn't make sense for him to be back on that medication. This is not my problem to figure out or solve. I'll leave this one to the professionals...doctors and the Great Physician. 

In my schooling for my masters that I am currently working on, I read this great book...actually, I read two great books at the same time and I can't remember which one this concept was in. Since I'm in Memphis I can't look. The two books are Instruments in the Redeemers Hands and How People Change. They are both well worth the read. Anyway, the concept is about Responsibilities VS. Concerns. There are some things that are my God given responsibility and others that are my concern but not my responsibility. The concerns are the things I need to surrender to God's mighty hands and pray about. If I try to control the things under concerns I am trying to do God's job. While it is our desire to keep our kids safe, there are just some things we can't protect them from. I can't fix this issue. I don't have the knowledge on a medical level or the ability on a healing level. So while I am concerned about it, I will surrender it to God's mighty right hand and trust that he will give wisdom to those who are medically superior to me, or maybe God will choose to heal him with his own hand, or maybe give the doctors wisdom for treatment through medication or procedure. And regardless of what happens, like the boys in the fiery furnace, we will still worship our God. Because just like them, Christ walks every day with us. Not shouting directives and commands from far away....he is in it with us. He hurts with us, he grieves with us, and he catches every tear when they fall. This is not what he created us for. He created us for Eden. A perfect environment. And he died to restore us and the earth back to that perfection. And until then...he walks right beside us whether we are in the fire or not. Psalm 34 tells me so many responses he has toward us when we call out to him, when we trust, when we cry out, when we seek him. He hears, he listeners, he saves, he protects, he delivers, he redeems, he is close to the brokenhearted and the crushed in spirit. I met a young mom here this week. Friends, there are crushing situations in this life! BUT GOD...he promises he is close. What this Psalm does not say is that he fixes all our problems the way we want them fixed. But if we look at his character in Psalm 34 and Psalm 103 it is pretty hard to doubt his love and trust that he has a plan and a purpose...even if we can't see it or understand it. 

Father, please help all of us to turn to you in seasons of difficulty and that we would not forget our need for you in seasons of ease. Help us to see your hand moving on our behalf all of the time. Thank you for your word that brings comfort and peace. May we CLING to it so comfort and peace surround us on every side in an unexplainable way. 

No Regrets~
Psalm 16:5-11
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