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Journal entry by Kristine Cobey

Caleb is 9 months out from completing treatment and achieving remission. He had a follow up and labs done today with his doctor. Everything looks good except his IgG levels, which are trending downwards since his infusion. This is to be expected with a certain chemo drug that was necessary in order to blast away the bad stuff and keep it away. As mentioned before, Burkitt’s is aggressive and requires hardcore and fast treatment. He will have another infusion in a week or so. 

This Sunday will be one year since the journey began. It’s been one scary, crazy and surreal ride. This time last year, I thought my child just had a bad case of the stomach flu or even appendicitis. Little did I know. Looking back, all the signs were there. I’m just glad we got him treated when we did or things could’ve went really bad really quickly. I still struggle with the what if’s and what could’ve been and the why’s. I still will never know why my son god such a rare cancer-but I am forever thankful that one of the best hospitals in the country-even world-is just 45 minutes away.  Others aren’t so lucky. And as I type this, I’m thankful they saved him and I get to look at his cute face every day and know he’s mine and still with us. I don’t know what I’d do without him and his silly, lovable self. 

Despite Covid ruining this year, we are excited for thanksgiving and Christmas, and I’m truly grateful to be able to have him home for thanksgiving and not in a hospital eating hospital food. And he’ll get to wake up in his own house Christmas morning to presents that Santa brought. The holidays aren’t the only thing we’re excited about: Caleb made a wish to have a puppy through Make-A-Wish and it was granted! His puppy should be going home with us in February! 

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