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Site created on June 30, 2006

June 29, 2006 Brayden Thomas blessed us with his company. He was born at 1159am and only weighed in at 6lbs 0.8 oz. He is 17.5 inches long.

Take a brief moment and read Brayden's story and read the my story link and journal to see how he is progressing, we will do our best to keep you up to date. Don't forget to take a peek at some of his first photos.

Lyndsey and I found out we were having a baby last October and things were going great. After numerous doctor appointments we were informed he might have a few problems. Soon, a few problems turned into problems we've never heard of, nor could find any information on. We found out he has Ring Chromosome 18, and Monosomy 18, both problems could and would cause major health issues like deformities and basic body functions. As if not having any info on that, we found out he had 2 farely substantial holes in his heart. Now we're worried for our baby boy as to what his life will consist of and how well his quality of life will be. Now for once, it seems we are having normal doctor visits which don't have us leaving with negative results. Things are going smooth now slowly approaching the date, and we see the cardiologist again, and believe it or not, bad news again. It seems Brayden has an enlarged right ventricle in his heart and a valve that is not working properly. Doctors thought Brayden would have a thin section in his Aorta, which would have required major heart surgery days after his birth.

That's all we knew until now! Look at the Journal to read a more in depth day to day event calander.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Andrew/Lyndsey Mager

This is the second year, we would like to Pay-It-Forward in remembrance of our Superhero, Brayden.  Brayden, would be turning 14 on June 29th.  We would like to turn his birthday into a time of giving instead of a time of tears.  Brayden loved people and loved to help where he could.  So in honor of our Superhero, we would like anyone who is able to pay it forward on June 29th (or around that day) by purchasing a cup of coffee for someone, paying for someone’s meal, or just simply doing a nice gesture and making someone’s day. 

We will be handing out these cards as we participate.  If you would like to do the same we would love to know how far this spreads!  You can print the card or I have paper copies if you would like one, please let me know.

If you are on this site and received or gave a card, please comment below.  We would love to hear your story to see how far his love spreads!!!

Brayden’s Blessings


This pay-it-forward moment was done in honor of Brayden Mager.  June 29th, would be Brayden’s 14th birthday.  In honor of this Superhero, we are paying it forward and we only ask that you do the same if you are able.

We would love to hear your story if you gave or received this card.  Please share online at or use #BraydensBlessings on Facebook.

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