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Newest Update

Journal entry by Lorrie Yates

I apologize for the very overdue update. Brandon had his first scans after his first 2 months of chemo yesterday. We received great news today! He is responding to the treatment and all areas (lung, liver and colon) are showing improvement. Some were up to 50% reduced!! We are so grateful that the treatment is working!! 

We had a bit of a scare yesterday when we received a call right when we got home from the hospital telling us to head to the ER immediately since his ct scan showed a pulmonary embolism. Luckily, everything else looked good and he was sent home on a month long cycle of blood thinner injections that we can give him. 

His genetic testing was also back for review. He does have a highly heritable genetic marker which greatly increases the risk of early onset cancers. We have been referred to UCSD Genetic Counseling to get more information and will likely need genetic testing on the rest of our immediate family. Scary, but we are grateful for the science and technology that allows for such testing and treatments! 

Bran will continue to receive his bi-weekly chemo treatments with just a small tweak on one of the doses due to some side effects. Overall, he is doing well. We continue to take things day by day and are now focused on “fattening him up”!! 

We remain so so incredibly grateful for all of your prayers, support and love!!

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