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Digital Asset Management's proposed growth during the next five years is projected at over 300 percent that's triple the present price. The company consulting & research company Frost & Sullivan are forecasting that"the market is set to grow at a very healthy double digit growth rate through the forecast period, 2007 to 2013". Based on Frost & Sullivan;"Around 70 major vendors are now seeing the need to digitize their media assets".
DAM solutions have become as compact into a web site development as content management systems and search advertising. The main reason behind its success is that almost all large company sites maintain a great deal of rich digital media such as graphics, video and audio content, which may create retrieval and storage of these resources hard. For all this information to be hosted, readily retrievable, dispersed and exported it has to be kept in a central place, properly registered, archived, optimized and offered in a selection of different downloadable formats.
Another reason behind the achievement of DAM is that a great deal of documents, especially video documents may be so enormous that FTP access across public services is undesirable, DAM makes it easy by utilizing a shipping agency, using solitary assets from several locations, thus cutting down the cost and time of generating the material and Assessing the return on investment.
What varieties of DAM systems are you?
The kinds of DAM are determined by their facilitation together with the company; manufacturer asset management by way of instance relies mostly on deals and marketing with marketing collateral like product vision, logos and fonts. Production advantage management is widely utilized in the storage and organisation of frequently changing digital media resources, whereas electronic distribution chain services solely concentrates on the usage of electronic content outside to retailers i.e. Music and matches shop. Library management is most likely the most frequently used type having a concentration on the storage and recovery quantities of largely archived video and picture websites.
If we have a good look in DAM, the resources which it simplifies begin to make the system more of a concrete item. The kinds of applications for the machine in company is for Multimedia media kits and advertising materials, company demonstrations, VOD, rich media libraries ofvideo, fonts and graphics as well as other marketing collateral. The kinds of files that includes are; pictures, logos, sound, animation, CAD, video and HTML.
So what is in store for your future?
Based on industry analyst Zippy Aima"There is the recent proliferation of digital media content, especially video, and the rise of portable devices for viewing it. We can add the widespread availability of broadband data services to distribute it, and the need for systems that can store and deliver that content to the right people at the right time."
With media production so reachable via broadband and probably to rise enormously during the next ten years, pictures from our everyday devices like cameras, scanners and phones will continue to flooding on the internet, countless resources (documents ) all hitting social networks, blogs and websites in a furious speed, and all with a million distinct destinations along with target audiences. DAM will shortly be the only technology capable of managing the requirement and also the worthiness of digital media content direction place to grow; from $203 million to an estimated $558.6 million by 2014 this appears set to last.

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