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Journal entry by Bliss Green

Today Matt and I visit Dr. Lova Arenivas and find out the results of my biopsy done on June 27th. The results were that I have Stage 2 grade 3 aggressive breast cancer positive estrogen and negative HER2 with 2 infected lymph nodes under my arm. Scary.... I then met with the nurse that explained to me what this all meant and how this happened. The Cancer did start in a milk duct that eventually multiplied into a lump that may have infected my lymph nodes. This was a lump that that I found myself that if I did not get checked could have kept growing fast. I leave Texas Oncology in shock and get a text from my nurse to ask if I could return @ 2:15 to meet the oncology doctor. (I guess the ball can't start until he gives the go, well him and insurance) I meet with Dr. Reddy and he explains in more detail how the cancer started and what my treatment will be Chemo, surgery, and radiation.
Monday 07-9-2018 I meet with the surgeon who explains our plan
Tuesday 07-10-2018 I meet with oncologist to decide on my Chemo Plan
Thursday 07-12-2018 I get an echo on my heart and then head over to Texas Oncology to educate myself on the Chemotherapy medications and what to expect.
This ball is rolling, I know that this journey will be one of the hardest, but I have the best village that I know will help me through this

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