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Site created on April 17, 2018

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated.  Here we will be able to tell you about Ben's cancer diagnosis and treatment.  We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.  Many of you have asked how you can help.  We created a calendar of needs, mainly meals and yard work.  We are hoping to get assistance with meals 2-3 times per week and yard work every other week.    Thank you for your friendship and support.  It means so much to all of us.  Best, Autumn

Newest Update

Journal entry by Autumn Coulter

Today is a hard day.  It marks 1 year we've been on this journey.  I have read back over my posts on here and it is overwhelming everything Ben has been through.  I remember vividly last April 4th when this all started.  Do you know that moment when your life changes?  I do.  I was walking up the stairs to go to bed and the kids were supposed to already  have been in bed and Ben had taken naproxen sodium for a headache and gone to bed.  As I walked up the stairs I stopped midway because something was not right.  This is my moment when I knew something was VERY wrong.  Chloe's light was on and she was sitting on her floor coloring beside Ben.  He was sitting there looking around with an angry expression on his face.  The picture before me made no sense.  If he was upset with Chloe she wouldn't be happy right next to him.  I called his name.  No answer.  I called his name again.  Still no answer.  This time I told him that he was scaring me and I was going to call 911.  He got up and followed me but made no sound.  I called 911 and they had me do little tests on him to see if he was having a stroke.  He passed and I could tell the operator was puzzled.  She told me to have him lie down and for me to go downstairs and open the door and turn on the outside light for the paramedics.  Of course at this point both kids understand something is wrong and they're screaming.  I turned the tv on a cartoon to distract them and ran downstairs.  I opened the door, turned on the light and then heard a loud "THUD" from upstairs.   I ran upstairs and found Ben seizing in the entrance to Chloe's room.  (Thank goodness he thought he heard me in her room because he could have fallen down the stairs.)  Ugh, what a horrible memory!  Him seizing, kids screaming. After everything he's been through, I try to remain positive for him and the kids.  It's not easy.  Life is not the same.  But I am so thankful that he is here and doing as well as he is.  4 more rounds of chemo to go.  Unfortunately, since he has been out of work for a year, Michelin has terminated him as of today.
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