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Site created on March 30, 2021

Welcome to Barrett's Caring Bridge.  
In early March 2021 a small lump was found in Barrett's right cheek.  After multiple Dr. visits it was discovered that he has a malignant tumor and a form of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Abby Gregory

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yesterday we had an amazing blood drive where we collected 78 units of blood and platelets to give to others who are in need. On top of the generosity we got to see so many friends and family that we have been missing. I felt so loved and supported.
Barrett struggled at first and then went for a nap with his grandparents. I was able to spend some time with Adam and visit with some friends. Even though he is tough, we have to remember that he had 2 days of brutal chemo not even 24 hours ago. I would be crabby too.

At 2:00 I was called to my appointment, confession... I have never donated blood before and I was pretty scared. 
I did all of the screens and pre work and was just about to get going when Barrett showed up and needed me. Saved by the toddler? 
I couldn't settle him so I decided to take him swimming. We played and.relaxed in the pool for 45 minutes. By that time his cannabis had kicked in and he was much calmer. The key was when my friend Helen brought 3 new trucks for him, he insisted they be opened and played with. I was able to sneak away for my donation.I chatted with Bobby and my mom while the kind staff person got me going, it was easy peasy.

I cried a little while I was donating. I can't believe all of the pokes and prods this guy has to endure. I was scared and I had a choice, he doesn't.
Near the end of the drive Barrett and I walked around and gave fist bumps to everyone donating. It was so cool to see all of these people showing their love by giving a part of their bodies. 
Grandpa Mike, Jen and Ashley were the ring leaders of this whole thing and worked a ton to make it happen.
Today we are having a quiet Thanksgiving at the Gregory's and my parents are coming so b will have lots of his people around him.

 Here is the link to the news story, it is well done but still hard to watch.i  hope it inspires others to donate and hold their own drives.
Thanks for everyone who helped yesterd, it was such a celebration of Barrett and our family. 

 Barrett- this is one of those days that is tough. I see all of these families on social media celebrating together. I can't help but be jealous. They are not worried about covid or fevers or nausea, they just get to fight about politics like normal families. 
As I am searching for gratitude, the biggest thing I am thankful for is our doctors and modern medicine. Not that long ago you would have had zero chance at life. But in 2021 because of years of science and work, we have hope that you will get to live a long happy life. I am grateful for each and every: nurse, radiology and lab tech, child family life, social worker, janitor and physician. Because each one of these people have made a choice to take care of you when you need it. 
I am particularly grateful for Dr weigel, Dr. Hoover and Erin who give all of themselves to cure you. I don't know why they chose this work, but I am so glad they did. 
I am also grateful for your spirit. Today your grandma said "could he be any cuter?' I replied "no, that would make our hearts explode'
When I hold you in the pool, I can feel your whole body relax and you just smile from ear to ear. I hope I am helping you feel as good as you can.
 Happy Thanksgiving Barrett- I will always be grateful to be your mom.
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