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Journal entry by Tracy Woodrow

Yesterday was a heavy day.  Dad and I walked into the hospital and a Dr. was in mom's room updating her on all the latest information.  They have discovered that the infection is a form of Ecoli found typically in your bladder or intestines.  Their best guess is that mom has a small hole in her bladder or intestines, caused from the cancer, which is leaking fluid into her body.  The good news is the drains are making mom comfortable and allowing that fluid to be released from her body and the antibiotics are working and keeping the infection at bay.  But due to this infection Chemo therapy is not an option any longer.  The Dr.s presented a number of different options to mom, dad, Tori, and I but what it comes down to is how does mom want to spend the rest of her time with us?  Does she want to be in a hospital? "No".  Does she want further pokes, prods, tubes, drains? "No!"  She has decided once again to go home in the care of hospice services.  They are expecting to release her from the hospital this afternoon. 

This time around it doesn't seem quite as scary but it feels very definiative.  I know it makes Tori and I feel more comfortable knowing the hospice nurses will be there to support mom and dad and be checking on them regularly.  We now know we tried all our options.  Chemo didn't work out the way we were hoping but we won't ever wonder "what if?"  We now move forward even though it feels like we are stepping back.  We plan on soaking momma up for as long as we got her.  As difficult as it is we walk forward with her on this journey.  Thank you all for your love, prayers and support.
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