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Journal entry by Tracy Woodrow

Jeremy, the kids, Tori, and I were able to spend a week in Chelan with mom and dad.  We are feeling so grateful that we were able to have another summer trip with mom.  She was well enough to spend sometime outside in the sun watching the kids play and swim in the pool.

This disease was predicted to take her from us so quickly so everyday we have with her feels like a blessing.  This cancer has turned out to be a slow methodical beast.  Every time I come back to see her I am shocked by how much smaller she is and how quickly this disease is aging her.  It feels like every month that goes by she ages 5 years.  She is mobile walking around on her own, puttering around the house but she gets fatigued easily and rests throughout the day.  She is fairly frustrated by all she can't do.  Since May she has had a couple of mini blockages that have lasted 3 to 4 days leaving her feeling uncomfortable, in a lot of pain, unable to eat and very tired but once they clear she is back to her "normal" self.  The Hospice nurses have started a new med that is helping to try and keep these "mini" blockages from occurring.  At the moment it is working but it is a lot of trial and error.  The other main concern is what she can eat and how much.  She has an extremely limited diet, very little appetite and not a lot of room for food.  She continues to try and eat small items of food throughout the day but it is a challenge and often frustrating for her.  

My dad is hanging in and doing such a wonderful job of taking care of my mom, the house and all the other responsibilities.  This is taking its toll on him as well.  He has told us many times he is just thinking of today and tomorrow and not thinking of anything farther than that.   I can respect that.  

We thank you all for continuing to check in on all of us, for thinking of us, sending prayers, love, strength and positive energy our way.  It is so appreciated.
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