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Welcome to our CaringBridge website, for the benefit of Austin King's Medical progress and rehabilitation.   We are using this site to keep family, friends  and our community updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

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Journal entry by Kevin King

To say it's been a whirlwind of a week would be an understatement!  I came to Denver last Wednesday 5/13 and have been here with Austin since.  It is bitter sweet to see him, and has been way too long.  The hospital capitulated and allowed me to come visit partly b/c they can't really say no and also b/c they knew that Wendy desperately needed a break!  

Observations of Trauma Care in a Trauma 1 Hospital during a world wide pandemic!  
*Care is decreased in my opinion simply based on the hospitals need to survive.
*Prior to covid there was a 4/1 patient nurse ratio on the trauma wing, now there is a 5/1 ratio sometimes 6/1 ratio!   The hospital has to survive financially and staff is a big expense.
*Austin is getting good care and I would not complain - However in my opinion hospitals are not use to tending to trauma patients for months on end!  They just have no precedent for it.  Everyone involved is walking on the moon so to speak.
Know this - although Austin's care is not perfect, I'm grateful for the care he's beeing aforded here at Swedish in Denver.

Austin is medically improving albeit so very slowly.  
*He's still off oral liquids, solids and oral foods.   There is still a small hole in his espophagus which has not healed in months.  Just like last week and the 7-8 weeks before, they are saying  "Maybe next week we'll be healed"
*When Austin is medically able to transfer, there is talk of him going back to Craig to begin again spinal rehab.   I do not know at this point and will take a wait and see approach.
*Someone today told me he weighs 100 lbs but I don't believe it.  I'd say 80 lbs max at this point.  Austin is skin and bones.  It's so very hard to watch.
*We sat the day before yesterday and went through hundreds of photographs on my computer.  We looked at all 17 years, laughed, cried and generally relived Austin's life.   
*He is hungry which is hard to watch!  Austin thinks about, dreams about, talks about, plans, imagines, longs for and asks about food.  He can't eat and has become what reminds me of a concentration camp victim.  I'm at a loss and can do nothing!
*He's been up and out of bed 2 of the last 5 days.  

What can I do?  I gave him a shave.  I insisted he get a shower Friday.  I scratch his head, listen to him talk about and dream about food.  I try and be a cheer leader and encourager.

I'll bring more later.  Meanwhile, know that Austin seems to be slowly, ever so slowly getting better if only an excruciatingly painful inch at a time.   What does tomorrow bring?  I know not!  I will however keep on keeping on.

Blesings Friends!

Much love

Kevin King
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