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Journal entry by Ashley bailey

I have been healing up nicely. I haven't needed pain medication since my second week after surgery so that is nice. I always feel so foggy when I'm on that medication and I don't really care to feel like that. I went in for a follow up and my scars looks good and the bruising is almost gone completely. I have recovered much faster from this surgery than my first one. My Dad has the summer off so he and my nephew have come over to help me care for my plants and to hang out with the kids which has been a huge help and my mom helped me get to my appointments that I couldn't drive myself to. I had treatment last week and noticed that with the added treatment, it causes more stomach discomfort so they told me about some things I can do to help with that. I haven't noticed much of a change but I just need to give it some time to take effect probably. I have a heart appointment this week to take a closer look at some fluttering I've been having just to make sure things are still looking good. I don't think much will come from the appointment. I think it has more to do with the hormone treatments I've been started on, because I feel the heart sensation mostly when a hot flash comes on. 

In the last couple weeks we have stayed busy. We drove down to my parent's place on the Kenai river and stayed the night. Dan and the kids put their poles in the water but didn't catch anything. We didn't really expect to, but it's the idea that you might that is exciting. The drive was nice and we made it back to Anchorage before the accident on the highway happened. 

Brooke had a life experience take place last week. The neighbor boys were over and they were playing dead man on the trampoline, one of them tripped on Brooke and fell on her, breaking her arm. We were making dinner when she came in holding her arm then she started to cry. I could see it didn't look good so I loaded her up in the car which was hard because she didn't want to walk, but didn't want Dad she wanted mom. She leaned on me and we went to Primary Care in Eagle River. They were amazing. They got us back into a room right away, away from other people and got us sorted. It is a buckle fracture which heals quickly and it wasn't near her growth plate or anything like that so she got a cast, a PINK one of course, and will have it removed three weeks from now. Dan had his, "I told you so moment. He didn't want a trampoline at our house because he was afraid something like that would happen but I wanted the kids to have more fun things to do in our yard this year. Lesson proved to me, one kid at a time jumping. In my defense, it could have happened in any sport the kids participate in just as easily, especially wrestling.... I'm just saying, haha. 

I also turned 33 last week. I admit getting older isn't something I look forward to but I do appreciate more than I did before, that I am here to celebrate this birthday and more to come. As I age, the signs of aging will only be evidence that I am fortunate to have these experiences and lucky to have each day as it comes. We went to our cabin in Willow and got to paddle around in the foot paddle boat with the kids and Dan. Tanner swam in the lake and loved it. Brooke and I hung out on the dock and watched him swim. It was sunny and beautiful the whole time we were out there. We tried to go for a walk in the evening but the mosquitoes came out when it cooled off and tried to eat us alive! We played board games instead. In the morning, we packed up and drove through to Hatchers pass from Willow. We saw all sorts of critters and we went for a short hike around the lakes in Hatchers. It was awesome.  

Tanner has his ear appointment this week to check on his ear drums. He had surgery last summer to fix the hole and scratches he had on his ear drums and replacement tubes. He is supposed to have anther hearing test as well, to see if his hearing has improved since his last test. If his hearing doesn't improve on it's own, he will be fitted for hearing aids but they won't do that until these tubes fall out and he shows no improvement so hopefully that won't have to happen.

So many appointments! yuck.

The rain is good but I am hoping for some more sunshine again soon.
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