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Welcome, dear ones. We deeply believe in the power of prayer + positive energy, and we are so glad that you are here. We sincerely appreciate each + every one of you and the support and love you've shared with us as we travel this journey of healing.

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Journal entry by Kimberli Davino

you guys, I cannot even tell you the SWEET RELIEF it is to have our guy HOME. they loaded him up at the hospital + I bawled the entire way to the parking garage. we caught up with them on the interstate, and I bawled all the way home. they pulled up in our driveway, and I fell into that sweet hospice nurse’s arms + bawled again.

our sweet Eric is home. he’s home. he’s home. thank you, Jesus. HE IS HOME.

we arrived home to our fence fixed, our fridges + pantry bursting with organic goodness, our yard freshly landscaped and mulched, + an enormous box full of prayers + cards + giftcards that we’ll go through tomorrow morning.

saints, your love + concern has overwhelmed us in all the best, most tender ways - thank you for showing up for us every moment. we need you so deeply. your giftcards are feeding us, your donations are supporting us, your kindness is comforting us, your prayers are sustaining us, your messages are encouraging us.

THIS IS THE CHURCH IN ACTION. this is what the body of Christ looks + sounds like. hear us :: we will pay each + every kindness forward.

just like every twist + turn of this journey, we have no idea what awaits us - but we are still claiming His sovereignty, His goodness, His power. even in the dark, even amidst the fear, even in the heartache - HE IS YAHWEH + He is worthy to be praised.

he’s home, you guys. IT IS SO.🖤
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