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Sep 20-26

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I was diagnosed with CML, chronic myloid leukemia just over 2 months ago on Dec. 7, 2018. It has been a struggle to get my insurance company to pay for the chemotherapy that I need. They approved one that was approx. $600.00 per month. But it took my oncologist really fighting for me to be approved by my ins. Co. To pay for the chemo that I really need. It costs $13,035.00 per month. And I just got my first dose this last Friday, 2/23/19. I want to visit my adult children and I can't be in public much because my white cell count is so low. Which means I cannot fight off even a common cold. I am so grateful to God that I got the correct chemo approved a few days ago. Thank you for your consideration in helping me to see my family! God is so good! But cancer hurts a lot.

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