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Oct 18-24

This Week

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Not much has changed this week. I’m mostly recovered from surgery. I still have bruising and some aching but for the most part I’m healed. I haven’t needed pain meds the majority of the week. Unfortunately, that also means I’m back to only sleeping 2 hours at a time 😔. 
I started the boost radiation treatments on Wednesday. I’m red, itchy and sore in the radiation area. They did give me a steroid cream to help with the itch. Only 4 more radiation treatments to go!! I’m so thankful to be almost done. 
I saw the oncology nurse practitioner and had my herceptin treatment today after radiation. My hemoglobin went down slightly and my liver labs are a little worse than last week😔. Nothing to be concerned about at this point but, I hate seeing my labs go in the wrong direction. Per my dr, the NP kept my steroid dosage the same. Dr is hoping a slow wean will keep my labs stable. I’m just so ready to be rid of the steroid side effects!! 
The NP shared the Indy specialist’s note with me today. He was really not much help. He said I don’t fit into any known hemolytic process. He recommends they continue to monitor me closely and hope it fixes itself. I guess I’ll talk to my oncologist about it when I see him in 2 weeks. I’m really not sure what to think right now. For now, I will continue to have weekly labs and NP/Dr visits. 
Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers! 

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