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Journal entry by Anni Miller-Edge

March 1st, I received the call, while I was at work, that my biopsy indeed tested positive for cancer cells. I kept it together pretty well and continued with my duties. I shared with my co-workers what was going on and I couldn't have received more support and love than I did that day. 
So swiftly appointments were made and I was to go to Stephenson Canver center to see the gynecological oncologist, Dr. Richarson. 
March 6th, J took off work and went with me to meet with Dr. Richardson to find out staging and treatment plan. She was very straightforward and not super interested in my jokes or attempts to make light. She said I had stage 1B1 cervical cancer and we would be proceeding with a radical hysterectomy. First we want to do a PET/CT scan to screen for cancer outside of the cervix. 
So a few days later, I had my scan..which they were not super into my jokes either. At this point I was attempting to take a light hearted yet focused approach to all of this but it was not ammusing to medical staff.  I left with radio active juice still flowing through me. I had been starving myself for scans and I still had a pre-op appointment to go to and they left the IV in to make it easier for the next set of medical staff attending to me. The pre-op team were a little more receptive to my jokes. (maybe I just needed to warm up)
I completed pre-op. I was not feeling super thrilled about the surgery to come so I went and treated myself to tacos. Then I felt better!
Scan did not detect anything so we proceeded on with the set surgery date of March 16th.
Dr. Richardson had informed us that the recent standard of minimally invasive laparoscopic approach to procedure had recently been founf to possibly increase risk of recurrence. There had been a trial study done and they had shut the trial down. Data had yet to be released but doc wanted us to be asninformed as possible making a decision about the surgery options.
So at this point we needed to decide between a less invasive approach with increased chances of recurrence or a more invasive approach that will jabe to cut muscles and nerves and instead complications from surgery..but less recurrence rate. Yeesh.
This was all happening so fast which has it benefits but not a lot of time for processing.
I basically took all the way up to the Friday before surgery to talk with doc aboit going ahead and doing the open surgery to decrease recurrence chances. 
At this point I am beginning to share the news to more people. The amount of love and care I received from close friends, friends of friends, family, co-workers prior and current, was touching and overwhelming.
I bundled my strength up and prepared a nice weekend before my invasive surgery. I had my last day at my job of 2 and 1/2 years on March 16th. It was emotional but time to move on. This was going to free up my ability to attend to my health more efficiently as well. 
I really thought..all will be well and be back at the world in like a week..weeeeelll, it was kind of like that haha
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