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Site created on April 12, 2021

Just shy of three weeks ago, Anita was told her kidneys were no longer functioning and she would need dialysis and a kidney transplant.  The whirlwind then began!  The next two weeks have been filled with meetings, education, tests and tough decisions.  The fight is just beginning!  

You may know Anita from many roles she plays.  She grew up in King but left for Texas for a few years and returned to King around ten years ago.  She is Mom to Justin and Amanda and you might find her cheering for either of them!  Most recently this consists of traveling to horse shows and hanging around the barn with Amanda.  She has also been a frequent at exercise and cycling classes at the Stokes YMCA.  When not enjoying these things, she is leading her team at A. Quarles CPA.  

The last several years have been extremely challenging for Anita.  In 2014, she lost her husband to the flu, followed by the sudden passing of her father and the cancer diagnosis for her mother.  Through it all, she has kept her unwavering faith in God and his promise!

At only 51, doctors have told Anita that if she is not a perfect candidate for a transplant, no one is.  Now we have to find a match!!

Please join me in all ways you can.  First of all, PRAY!  If you feel so inclined, we would love to have you join the transplant program to see if you are a match.  You can designate Anita as the recipient or find out if you could save other lives.  Do not disqualify yourself due to health conditions and you may remain anonymous!  NO ONE will know your identity or health information unless that is your wish.  The test for kidney donation is a simple blood test.  If you would like information about how to be tested, please reach out to me at or

Again, please PRAY!  Anita is strong, and although the journey will be tough, she will persevere!  God is good!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Anita Quarles

It's been a while since I posted - my new normal exists of 9 1/2 hours at night of hooked up to a machine which doesn't sound bad, until you start thinking of all the little things this limits - I'm physically limited to a 20 foot length drain line.  And it means I have to coordinate my starting and ending time based on my schedule - which inevitably means later "starts" in the morning.   The good news is that I've completed all my testing for the transplant, so hopefully that means, I'll be placed on the universal donor list soon.   In an effort to provide my daughter with some normalcy, we were able to travel overnight for the first time recently, with my supplies and 30 pound machine in tow.    I've had some pretty bad days, but I've had some good ones thrown in there too.  My hemoglobin is extremely low so what that means is that I'm always tired; always fighting nausea.  Keeping a good mindset is hard amid complaining clients, people whose expectations can't possible be met, disgruntled, overworked employees and overall lack of energy.  I know some good will come out of this, not because of me, but because God is Good and He and His glory will come through.    Tears are more frequent these days, which makes the smiles and laughter that much more important.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers through this difficult season.  

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