Angela’s Story

Site created on March 28, 2020

Hello dear friends & family, thank you for your support.

Angela is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She was diagnosed with severe diabetic condition and has also tested positive for COVID-19.
Her husband Israel has been admitted Sunday 03/29 with a high fever.
These are serious & frightening diagnoses. We draw hope from both Angela's & Israel's strength and the doctors whose news is increasingly positive.  

Their kiddos, Maya & Remy, are at Angela's parents' home who live close by. Please stay tuned here, I'll do my best to keep it updated. 

When the family is ready, I'll re-activate the mealtrain and include other needs. If you have Angela or Israel's cell, please be mindful before contacting; this can quickly become overwhelming. This page is a great place to send well wishes, prayers & uplifting words. You may absolutely share this privately, but please, until Israel or Angela or their family consents, let's keep this page, our friends' names and their diagnoses/health status off of social media. As best we can. 

Please join us in envisioning Angela & Israel at home, healthy and happy with Maya & Remy.

Take Care, Be Well, Stay Home. 
Thank You. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Angela Diaz de Leon

Hello Dear Ones. 


By now you may have heard that Angela has ascended. She passed April 5 after being home from the hospital for a few short days. We are heartbroken with this loss, which is more painful still since her father, Joe, recently joined her.

Given our collective reality, we know our support looks different through this. We hug ourselves thinking of someday embracing Angela's children, her mother, her husband, her sisters. Given our collective strength, we also know our support can continue to help lessen their load.


Please consider contributing or sharing the active links that help organize this effort. There is a GoFundMe page and a recently re-activated MealTrain. You can click/copy/paste from links here or access them through the "Ways to Help" tab above. 

Angela's mother, Silvia, continues to care for Maya & Remy with her daughters, Rebecca & Melissa, one of whom is fighting COVID from home. Israel continues to heal from the hospital and hopes to be home soon. The MealTrain and GoFundMe supports all of them. 


They are all so hugely grateful for all that's already been done, for all that continues to flow towards them. Our loving kindness makes it all a bit more bearable. Many of us know the profound power of receiving care during heartache and hardship. For those of us who are new to this magnitude of tragedy, the following concept may help.

Please remember, the most powerful support you can give is to send healing, loving vibes to Israel, to Maya, to Remy, to Siliva, to Melissa, to Becky, to all of the members of this grieving family. And to yourself. Because each breath becomes a prayer when we inhale love and exhale fear. 

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