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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, fancy word for breast cancer.  I won't lie, this was very difficult.  We had just lost Scott's Dad, and we were raw with emotion.  Because of this, I tried to keep things to myself, only sharing with a few friends and family members, but my kids quickly figured out that something was up.  After we told our kids, I felt SO MUCH better.  The diagnosis wasn't as scary when I could share it with someone, which is partly why I have decided to open an account on CaringBridge.  I have also learned that sharing with family and friends can be emotionally exhausting.  While everyone has been amazingly supportive and concerned, I think that updating on CaringBridge will be a great way to communicate and keep people up to date (while saving a bit of energy).  MANY, MANY women have already taken this journey and are thriving today.  I will be one of those women.  God has already put angels in my path to hold my hand during a painful biopsy, offer a shoulder to cry on when I finally understood that this was happening, and to lead me to an excellent surgeon that shares my motto that being a mom is the our #1 job.  My biggest need right now is for prayer-prayer that I will make the right decision regarding the best surgery for me.  I will go for additional testing on Friday to help me make a well-informed decision.  Also, if you have not gotten your mammogram,  DO IT, DO IT right now!  Love-Andrea
Isaiah 40:31

Newest Update

Journal entry by Andrea Clodfelter

Happy Sunday!!! I’m excited to start radiation tomorrow. I will be able to get 6 treatments in before I head back to work. I have also started transfusions because I am anemic which explains the crazy fatigue. 

I will post more later about this, but my family will be putting together sunshine bags for other  fellow fighters who are having a particularly bad day. I was given one of these bags the other day with a hand written note from a survivor, and it truly brightened my day. More to come.... 

Please pray that radiation goes smoothly. Side effects are mainly fatigue and skin issues (burn). I need my skin to stay healthy so that I can get my final reconstruction. Also, please pray that return to work goes well. IU homecare and my supervisors have been AMAZING, and I am so thankful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

P.S.  I HAVE HAIR!!!!!

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