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Jun 20-26

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Hello Fellow Well Wishers,

We hope everyone is well. Thank you for your continued concern and healing thoughts and prayers for Amber.

Thankfully and gratefully, this week was much better than last week.  Amber came home from the hospital this past weekend and is getting stronger each day. She did have to come home with portable IV antibiotics so add another notch in my nurse's belt. And add it to the things I never wanted to have to do. Amber was supposed to start the next chemo cycle this coming Monday or Tuesday, but due to the infection her next treatment is being postponed a bit because she's weak and her levels are not conducive to receive another round of chemo treatment. We continued her out patient appointments at the Cancer Center and Amber needed a few transfusions this week. We have another appointment at the Cancer Center tomorrow (Friday) as well as Monday. We should know when they will admit her for the next treatment next week.

Last week was truly a difficult and scary week and hope we never have to go through that again. I definitely aged some last week. But in true Amber fashion, she handled everything like a champ, even when she could barely lift her head off the pillow. 

In addition to the regular Cancer Center appointments, we have an update meeting with the Transplant Team next week. One of the potential matches has consented for additional testing to see if they are a) a true match and b) medically cleared to be a donor. While it's still too soon and we need to temper our excitement until we get the results and get confirmation that the person agrees to donate. We so hope that this angel on Earth will become our donor. So we ask for your prayers and positive thoughts for this person. Hopefully we will have some very positive news within the next 2-3 weeks. 
Amber finished another puzzle, "Friends" which was very timely with the recent "Friends" reunion special. The puzzle was extremely difficult. I tried to help and she had to redo the section I did. I have learned that puzzles are not my forte. The picture of the puzzle is attached.

The yoga fundraiser this weekend was so lovely and heartwarming. Pictures are attached. A big thank you to Amber's friend Carlye and her mother Jackie for doing such a wonderful job. After the tough week I had, it was a very positive and touching way to end the week. It was also my sister's birthday so we thank her for sharing her birthday with the fundraiser.  It truly is so heartwarming to see so many people who truly care and love Amber. Thank you to all who participated and donated, as well to all of you who donated and continue to donate to the GoFundMe account. It truly is helping us so much as the bills are piling up.

Amber continues to be brave and strong through this ordeal, even during the tough days. Hopefully we don't have any more of the days we had last week. Dealing with leukemia is hard enough - so let's all pray to keep sepsis out of the picture.

THANK YOU for all your continued wishes, thoughts, prayers, and support - and keep them coming.

I say it every time and I mean it - you have no idea how much everything means to us. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

Love and peace to all!

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