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Journal entry by Josh poppy

3 years?! How has the time flown by so quick? Seems like yesterday I was in ICU, then short term care, long-term care,  and then finally home. Finding the ‘new norm’ as they say. I’ve learned that they (doctors, nurses,therapist, etc) are basically trained to tell you plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Before I continue, I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone that has supported me from the beginning to present. Every now and again I will take a peek at some of the cards I received. So much encouragement, thoughtfulness and hope in each and everyone of those cards. It is those kind words that help me continue to grind. I need to let everyone know that your support hasn’t gone unnoticed.

For anyone that knows me, Don’t tell me what I can, and cannot do. I make my own rules. Don’t get me wrong, I have down days like the next person, but I also live day to day like everyone else… with a lot of extra hands.

I have learned so much about myself and have found ways to adapt to this new life. I need to “use my words “more often than I thought I ever would. Instead of being able to do things for myself, I have been a pretty good dictator when it comes to my day to day. Patience. Ick, it is definitely the hardest thing. But I have learned from this and believe it or not, this is way better than I ever anticipated. You learn to be grateful for what you have, and it doesn’t pay to get worked up over something you can’t control.

My family, I would be lost without them. Our friends, I would be lost with them. ‘Strangers’, I would be lost without them. 

The amount of support we have is pretty incredible. I will admit that first year of being home was very tough. It was me only knowing medical walls surrounding me. I forgot that just because my life was thrown at a standstill, didn’t mean everyone else’s was. It felt like the kids had grown a lifetime! Watching Josh transition into the bus driver was a bit comical, frustrating and rewarding. He has done an amazing job with his promotion😊

Late in the fall of 2019, I made the choice to dabble at work again. I’m working remote 20 hours a week with Unitedhealthcare doing my same job, inside sales BD rep.

Josh and I have both been beyond fortunate with our jobs. Just another branch of support we received that was unexpected.

Nevin is wrapping up his final year of ‘youth sports’ at the end of July. He has had a pretty amazing summer of baseball, while juggling basketball and football camps in between. Next year, he will officially be in high school! Repping Chanhassen Storm! 

Ava just wrapped up kindergarten at VES. Surprising enough, she was approved for first grade! Any of you that know her, know that when she walks away, you are left dumbfounded. She is quick, witty, funny and smart beyond her years! Now that Covid is settling down, she was able to complete her her first season of an organized sport, softball. I forgot how painful those first few years are. But amazed at how each week the girls improve!

For the last year and some change Josh has been my cube mate. He’s heading back to the office full-time this week. Selfishly, I wish it was a bit more of a hybrid transition. I enjoy listening to him interact with his customers and how great he is at building those relationships.


Since December 2018, I have been working with Joshua Nix, the owner and brains for Fit 4 Recovery. Not only has he had a chance to see all of us grow, but we have had the chance to watch him grow as well! Just like us, slow and steady. He has been able to expand his gym and bring on a few additional trainers to be more available to this whole spinal cord world. Which for me, meant I was able to pick up an additional day of training. Poor Mike! I don’t think you know what he was getting into! This third day has really helped me build up extra strength. I know my videos are few and far between, but I have been able to stand unassisted for a few minutes at a time. Unassisted mini squats, deadlifts for days, core strength and balance, planks, bridges, and some assisted walking! I will try to do a little better and get more things posted. 

At the end of the day, I still don’t know how this will end up. Only hope is that I can help others know that your prognosis is not your diagnosis. Believe in yourself, if you believe you can, you can. If something moves a millimeter today and 2 mm next week, count it is a win!

Josh and I decided that it is probably time to close the chapter on the Caring Bridge. And give everyone one last huge thank you!!!! As much as we would love to give everybody a single individual thank you card, I don’t think there is any way we would be able to get each and everyone of you.

I will be updating my social media with a few videos this next week that will be exciting for everyone to see!

If you would like to continue to follow our story, feel free to follow both of us on Facebook, or my Instagram @amandalpoppy

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