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Apr 18-24

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Sitting in her hospice room while she is sleeping. She is at Covenant Hospice in Panama City. Everyone is amazing and helpful! She is sleeping most of the day and when she wakes up, she’s usually asleep in 5 seconds to maybe one minute. When she wakes up, she says a couple words and is in some pain. They are doing a great job getting her pain under control.

Our parents arrived today and one or two of us will be spending the night. My house is within 3 minutes of the facility. Her room is being decorated with photos , flowers, and drawings (from Penelope). We are going to start making flowers from construction paper to hang on her walls. She can’t see much more than forms and colors but we hope it is a little uplifting. If you would like to make one (or some), feel free and mail it to me at 337 S Palo Alto Ave Panama City FL 32401. We love you guys!

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