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Site created on October 8, 2019

Alan went in for a colonoscopy on May 1 ,2019 when they found a tumor and diagnosed him with Colon cancer stage 4. They sent him to Denver for CAT scan and they found spots on his liver and on lungs. The spots on his lungs were not cancerous but the spots on his liver were. He started his 12 week journey of chemo on May 20 ,2019. He would do an infusion on Tuesday then take Chemo pills for 14 days,  7 days of nothing and start another round. He went in for a PET scan and a CAT scan on August 4, 2019 which was when they decided they were going to do surgery. He had surgery on October 7, 2019. We will keep all our family and friends updated on this page with his road to recovery. We appreciate all the support, prayers, and encouragement. Thank you for visiting!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Taylor Stoinski

So been a little while since I posted anything. After surgery and recovery time, Dad went through another 4 rounds of chemotherapy juat like last time.  His CEA numbers after the surgery went from 0.80 to 0.50 from the last blood test. They are going to let him recover with no further treatment for a short period of time. Well today he completed a full colonoscopy since they were never able to complete the other two because of the tumors. The results came back today after the procedure with one small polyp  that they removed and will send in for testing. Other than that everything looked good. He will go in for a blood test on Feb 21 to ensure the CEA numbers stay down. We will keep you all posted. Thank you for the prayers and thoughts. They all have helped keep him with anloaiticr attitude. 
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