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Journal entry by Joanna Chesterman

Today marks the 15th day since Scott began his new life!! To say it's all been a blur and overwhelming is an understatement but we are dealing with a new way of life!! Today is an extra special day since it's the first day Scott has been able to breathe in outside air since entering UNMC, Wednesday, April 14, 2021!!  Twenty-eight days since he set one foot on cement and he was definitely ready to take that first step!!  His demeanor and attitude had changed and he was upbeat and excited to be outside taking in fresh air!!  Although I wasn't the one to pick him up, we had the fortune of having Kyle being flexible enough to pick his dad up for me!! What a treat!! They spent a couple hours touring Omaha and just sight seeing, which thrilled Scott to pieces!! 

I brought a surprise with me just for Scott, he has been so homesick for Krayton, I let him play hokey tomorrow and join me in picking up his dad!! Both of them were happy to see each other!  We are spending a  couple extra days in Omaha since he has labs to be drawn tomorrow (Friday).   Then we'll finally get to head home for a few days!! He's feeling a little bit better, and hopefully getting him home will also make him feel even better.  Sometimes it's difficult to keep him from getting discouraged, he has it in his mind that he should be bouncing right back and feeling 1,000% better immediately.  I try and try to remind him that his heart was extremely sick and it's going to be a little bit to get back to his old self and feeling 100% again.  Some days are better than others, if he could get his appetite back, he'd be more encouraged.  In time, he will, I'm sure.  He just needs lots of reassurance--a difficult task at times! 

Anyway, just an update regarding our progress.  Home later tomorrow and spending the next few days at home getting our new schedule down, then back for another biopsy next and labs next Wed, May 19.  We'll have a few return trips, but so worth it! Snapped a few quick pics of his exit yesterday!!

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