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Unforseen and unknown complications (beginning in May) came to ahead and were discovered as due to paralysis of the intestines. This began with multiple ER visits, followed by a hospitalization of 12 days between 2 hospitals. No 'Why's' have been discovered as of yet, we are pursuing that now on an outpatient basis through MN GI. The next three months will be the most telling of what it is we are dealing with and how we will move forward. Not enough thanks and gratitude can be poured out to all who have called, written, texted, donated, cooked, and loved on my family and me! I am slowly improving and hope to be working full time by September. Feel free to follow our family's Caring Bridge to stay updated on the health process and our family working together as we move forward with this! 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Emily Cupp

Two Ps define this week: Patience and Positivity. 
I'm slowly developing work again, roughly 1-3 clients per week beginning next week 8/06. 
The time with Sarah is something I've chosen to accept as a blessing. Regardless of the financial strain, she and I can dance, snuggle, be outside, cook, do puzzles, nap... all kinds of things.
How is Summer nearly over? 
Once my specialist appointments begin, I'm curious as to what that will require of me. I do know that there will be some 'preparatory' work I'll need to have/do before I see Doctor Grudell. 

On Monday I had my follow-up with my primary physician in Elk River. We basically reviewed all that was listed in my chart since the last time she saw me (ironically, it was the day before I was hospitalized). 
She is on board with MN GI team. 

And if we weren't having enough fun already, I was also given a referral to a Urologist due to a kidney mass that has grown double in size since it was last imaged a couple years back. 
To be quite honest, I had completely forgotten about it until they mentioned it during one of several imaging experiences while in the hospital. 

That will just have to be an additional beautiful branch on my big Life Tree right now :) 

Will keep everyone posted as best I can. 

Thank you again for all the help that continues to surround our family. What a calm it has been. 


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