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Site created on November 7, 2019

Abilene Kelly Reimer was born on October 28, 2019. She weighed 2 lb. 6 oz. and was 14 and a quarter inches long. Her mama, daddy and the rest of her family are so in love. ❤️
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Newest Update

Journal entry by Abilene Reimer

Our sweet Abilene has made a ton of progress this week!

We’ve started a feeding schedule! This means they will steadily increase the amount of milk Abilene gets each day until she reaches the amount appropriate for a baby her size. Then, as she grows, the feeding plan will grow with her. For now, she  still gets all of her milk by tube. We will work on eating by mouth later when she is off the Jet ventilator and on a regular vent. 

Abilene’s lungs have shown tremendous progress. Thank you, Lord! She’s down to 60% oxygen, and almost off the nitrous oxide that she’s needed for 3 weeks now. They have also weaned her settings on her jet for several days in a row. This is HUGE for only a few days. All glory to the Lord! 

Her brain bleeds are still causing problems. As the blood moves out, fluid collects in the empty spaces which causes her brain to swell. She’s at an advantage because her skull isn’t fused together yet (why babies have a soft spot) so it isn’t putting as much pressure on her brain. She isn’t stable enough for surgery yet, so her doctor will talk to the neurologist on Monday to see if another type of intervention is necessary. We are fervently praying that the Lord’s plan will be done and that he will lay his healing hands on her little head. 

We ask that everyone continue to pray for our sweet Abilene. It’s only by the Lord’s hand that she has made it so far, and we continue to see His grace and mercy each day. She is His little miracle. ❤️
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