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Social Support Helps Healing After Stroke

For nearly 20 years, CaringBridge has helped hundreds of thousands of patients and families give and receive support during all types of health crises, including stroke.

Now, CaringBridge is partnering with the American Stroke Association whose mission is to teach the globe that stroke is treatable and support from family and friends is vital to recovery.

Recovery from stroke takes time. CaringBridge can help stroke survivors and their family caregivers communicate with and receive support from friends and family throughout the recovery process.

Raising Stroke Awareness

In the United States, someone suffers a stroke every 40 seconds. World Stroke Day, annually observed on Oct. 29, underscores the serious nature and high rates of stroke, raises awareness of the prevention and treatment of stroke, and highlights the importance of better care and support for survivors.

  • A growing number of people are recovering from stroke with little to no disability, especially when treatment begins without delay.
  • If you spot such common stroke symptoms as Face drooping, Arm weakness or Speech difficulty, it’s Time to call 911.

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The First Place to Turn

A new CaringBridge website is created every 7 minutes, following a diagnosis, illness or injury. In the early days after a health crisis, including stroke, loved ones use CaringBridge to update family and friends on the patient’s status through the use of personal websites. Sharing news once, instead of many calls, emails and texts, saves precious time.

  • Families can identify “Ways to Help,” ranging from meal requests and best times to visit to information about personal fundraising.
  • Many patients and families say that telling their stories on CaringBridge helps them define their “new normal” after stroke. Research shows that staying connected and sharing messages of hope, love and compassion is enormously important in the healing process.

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Defining the New ‘Normal’ After Stroke

F.A.S.T. acting saved Christine Richards’ life when she suffered a stroke on April 4, 2014.

Today, more than two years after a shower emboli stroke left her in a non-responsive state for 10 days, Christine's health journey continues. She speaks with what she calls a “stroke accent,” and her grammar and penmanship fall short of her standards as a longtime—and beloved—first-grade teacher. But she says, “My life is not over.”

CaringBridge remains a source of strength and motivation — for her whole family.

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