What to Write in a Get Well Card

A handwritten get well card is a sweet and simple gesture that can make a big difference to someone going through a health struggle.

Taking the time to actually write something by hand shows how much you care, and can be a memento that your loved one can look back on. If you’ve ever smiled re-reading an old card, you’ll know that warm and fuzzy feeling. 

In this article, we share messages, quotes and more that you can send to a friend who is sick, with the hope of making their day a little brighter. 

Make the Card Personal

There is truly no one like your loved one. Make your card a testament to that by including unique touches.

Oftentimes, including a personal memory in your card card can make it even more special. Jot down one of your favorite funny or touching stories, or even just a word or phrase that reminds you of them. 

You can also include other personal touches, like printed photos of you two together, or signatures from friends, family or coworkers.

If your loved one has children or grandchildren, you can include hand drawn pictures and notes from the kids; they’ll certainly be a precious keepsake. 

No matter which idea you choose, tailoring the card to your loved one’s interests and memories will make it all the more special. 

Include Get Well Wishes

When you write your card, you may want to incorporate a few heartfelt messages to show them how much you care. Here are a few examples:

  • I am thinking of you.”
  • I miss you.”
  • I am praying for you and your loved ones to stay strong.”
  • I care about you.””
  • You mean so much to me.”
  • You’re doing great.”
  • Nothing can stop you; get well soon!”
  • Sending healing energy your way.”
  • Wishing you a very speedy recovery!”
  • I hope you feel better very soon.”
  • I love you!”

You can end the card with a simple message like, “With love,” “Wishing you health,” “Take the best of care,” or “I’ll see you soon.”

We also understand that if your loved one is terminally ill, some of these “get well soon” messages may not be appropriate. For those cases, we have a post to help you find the words: How to Say Goodbye to a Loved One When You Don’t Know What to Say

Share a Thoughtful Get Well Quote

You can always include a quote to go inside your card. Here are a few of our favorite get-well quotes, selected from our 22 Quotes About Hope and Healing.

  • Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” – Christopher Reeve 
  • All our infirmities, whatever they are, are just opportunities for God to display his gracious work in us.” – C. H. Spurgeon
  • When you go through deep waters I will be with you.” – Isaiah 43:2
  • If there’s life, there is hope.” – Stephen Hawking
  • The forces that are for you are greater than the forces against you.” – Joel Osteen

Support Beyond the Card

A card is a beautiful way to show you care, but if you’re looking for another way to show support, check out the ideas below. 

Tip: You can even offer to help with these in the card itself!

  • Send a thoughtful gift. You can always bring a present to go with your card! A gift card to their favorite restaurant, flowers or an entertaining book are all great options. Check out these get well soon gift ideas for more inspiration.
  • Helping out with errands. When you’re sick, garnering up the energy to do day-to-day errands can be exhausting, if not impossible. To support your loved one in a meaningful way, offer to help out with some of these tasks. Doing the laundry, walking the dog, picking the kids up from school or mowing the lawn can make a world of difference.
  • Offer financial support: Either with a donation, helping out with expenses like hospital bills, or starting a fundraiser for them. 
  • Share encouragement on their CaringBridge page. Hearts and comments on a loved one’s CaringBridge journal entries/profile can be a powerful message of encouragement and love. And if your loved one doesn’t have a CaringBridge and may find it helpful, consider starting a site for them below:

If you’re looking for more ideas to help out, here are 9 ways to comfort and support a friend.

Start a CaringBridge Site

When you’re going through a health journey, you have a lot on your plate. CaringBridge replaces the time-consuming task of sharing your health news over and over. It’s a free, easy to use online journal for sharing health information with your family and friends.  

Don’t go through your health journey alone.

You can stay connected to friends and family, plan and coordinate meals, and experience love from any distance.

All of this is ready for you when you start your personal CaringBridge site, which is completely free of charge, ad-free, private and secure. Don’t spend another minute alone!

We Hope Your Loved One Gets Well Soon

We sincerely hope your loved one has a speedy recovery, and that these ideas inspired you with a kind message for your card. Taking the time to write out a get well card will mean just as much as the words inside. It truly doesn’t take a lot to make a loved one’s day!

  • Janet K Lowe

    Hi Melvin, I am thinking about you today and thought that I would drop in and say Hi, Keep safe and warm my friend.

  • Charles Milliren

    Ron’s FEX family will be getting together this coming weekend in Superior. It’s been an annual event filled with golf, stories etc. Will mention Ron in our conversations and stories. Hoping to take up a collection from members who attend.

    Keep getting better and recover quickly, Ron. We all love you. Boom, Boom, Boom.

  • Philip L Nicks

    Margo all the prayer partners in my group a keeping you in prayers daily.
    We love and care about you, Christ will get you through this, beauty foe ashes.
    Phil Nicks

  • Michael Ruff

    Hello Thomas,

    Your grandmother called me to ask for prayers for you because of all the treatment you are having. Your grandfather, Dr Felix Sibley and I were dental classmates at Emory and we remained lifelong friends. I recall seeing you and your family at his funeral and at the Sibley home afterwards. There is no answer as to why you as a good person became ill. Your mother and father love you dearly and are committed to providing the best medical treatment possible and seeing you regain your health. A great many people are sending up prayers for you and your entire family.


    Michael Ruff

  • Electra Damato

    Thinking of you and praying for you everyday.
    Much Love
    Electra and Rocco

  • Mary Ann

    At 86 I’m a big card sender, my ministry. The note and time and stamp is so worth it to the receiver. I know. God will give you the words you make the time. Love and Blessings is almost always my ending, Each receiver needs a few special words.PS I have a personal stamp that says “Each of us will be a Blessing to the other” Romans 1:12

  • Nathan Marion

    Especially with Covid now and digital challenges, any top suggestions for how to send digital cards and things that are well designed and meaningful? Hospitals don’t seem to deliver notes anymore. Also looking for a way to make a Group Card that everyone could sign on to somehow – digital though. Like a legacy card.

  • Edna Schaaf

    This is the best i have ever read.

  • Debora Baranska

    Sue you are amazing. You are such a true example of Christ. I have a deep respect for you and love love you dearly. I thank the Lord for putting you in my life.

  • Margie and Ed Ostigny

    Dear Leanna, Thinking of you and wanting to say that Ed and I are praying for you and yours the strength to carry on. Also sending you healing energy and well wishes. Love and virtual hugs, Margie and Ed Ostigny

  • Betty Fiori

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness! I pray that you feel better. Isaiah 33:24 says that in the future , No resident on earth will say “I am sick.” We are blessed with the promises in the Bible. Take care. I love you!

  • Anne Kasznay

    Very caring suggestion

  • Rose Sumerauer

    Thank You ….. I will use this very helpful information …..

  • bonnie kasten

    Ginger You’re in my thoughts and prayers as to continue on this life journey. Get yourself as strong as you can so that the stem cell process works well. I’ve known others who have come out on the other side much better than ever. You will too.

  • Rita

    I like to add an individually wrapped favorite tea bag and make a note wishing we could be together to share a cup of tea. Sometimes I will fold a small origami and include it in my card, thinking of them when I fold it.

  • Merry Carper

    I know what you are saying here. I have sent tons of cards just like you have said here and it not only helps them and their loved ones but it also encourages you when you have done so to know that you are sending your heartfelt love and prayers when you cannot be there and God’s wonderful blessings.?

  • Thomas Newman

    Thank you for such a practical article. I am posting this on my Church’s Facebook page so others can see and benefit from it. Thanks so much!


    Excellent ideas. It’s often difficult to choose the right words. These tips are great examples to incorporate into get well wishes.

  • Bonnie

    Praying for you both Love you and pray your getting stronger everyday Hope to see you soon ????

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    Thank you – there are special reminders here, and though we may know many … reminders are very powerful! I appreciate these thoughts – and extra urges for us all, that what may seem such a small gesture, can be such meaningful support for someone facing challenges! This is a confusing – and challenging – time for all.

  • Patricia Deckert

    This is a really valuable article and has so many helpful suggestions. The writer is so right in that a card with even a few handwritten words says so much about how much one cares. You did more than just sign your name to a card, which also is a sincere caring gesture, but those extra words are straight from your heart. Thanks for this article.

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    A very nice article of how to perk up a loved one or friend with these words of hopefulness.