14 “Get Well Soon” Gift Ideas to Show You Care

Ava Lopez at hospital speaking to patient

When a family member or friend goes through a health journey – whether it be surgery, a broken bone or a hospitalization – you’d do anything to help them feel better.

Fortunately, there are many heartfelt ways to show someone you care. From physical gifts to lending a helping hand, these 14 “get well soon” gift ideas are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face:

1. Cards

When in doubt, always send the card. Get well soon cards offer your loved one a physical reminder of how much people care, and they can look back on them during hard moments. It’s a low-cost gift, but an incredibly sweet gesture.

2. Books and Magazines

If your loved one is on bed rest, they may crave a variety of things to do that don’t involve watching TV. Offer them that variety by bringing over a couple good books, or the latest copy of their favorite magazine.

3. Care Products

Care products can be a fun treat to get, especially if you know your loved one doesn’t usually buy these items for themselves. Create a spa experience with items like a nice-smelling lotion, moisturizing lip balm, face masks, or shower gel.

4. Gift Cards to Their Favorite Restaurant

Sometimes, all it takes to put a smile on someone’s face is a dish from their favorite restaurant. Give your loved one the gift of their favorite meal with a gift card to one of their local haunts. It’ll be a nice change of pace from hospital food or having to cook at home.

5. Robe/Comfy Pajamas

Because what’s more comfortable than a super-soft pair of pajamas or slippers?

“A robe or very soft sweat type jammies with soft button up shirts. Always buy big as people may need room for dressings.”

Roxann Boysen

6. Flowers/Plants

A beautiful bouquet or a bright green houseplant can be just the thing to brighten up your loved one’s day.

Note: Check with your loved one or their family to see if flowers or plants are allowed in the hospital, and check if there’s a risk for a negative health reaction.

7. Scented Candles

Candles can make a great gift. A lovely, calming scent like lavender or eucalyptus can offer a sense of calm, and may provide relief from other ailments like headaches.

Similar to flowers, make sure to check that your loved one doesn’t have any breathing problems or asthma, as the scents may cause irritation.

8. Gift Basket

A gift basket with a combination of items listed above would make a great present for your friend. A gift basket is also something that can easily be shipped if you live too far away to visit regularly. What a special surprise for them to receive all their favorite things in the mail!

“A dear friend blessed me with a visit and prayer. She brought a cute gift basket with miscellaneous fun stuff – puzzle book, fiction book, small snacks, note cards, tissues box, some toiletry (sample size) items. I called it my sunshine basket!”

Jan W.

“I do balloons, flowers, small gifts they might like, candy if they can have it, and a crossword book.”

Rochele A.

9. Prepare Mealsmeals for caregivers

Gifts don’t have to be wrapped with a bow. Helping out with necessities like meal prepping can be one of the best ways to show you care.

“Prepare some meals. After my surgery a dear friend did this for me. Things that were easy to reheat. My whole family appreciated her kindness.”

Nancy P.

“Meals and groceries were so appreciated after my son’s surgery. We can home and had nothing in our fridge/pantry. Our church family set up a meal train and we had meals for the first 2 weeks at home. They also brought snacks and breakfast food. It helped us so much!”

Jeri-Lee R.

10. Housekeeping Help

In difficult times, the unfortunate truth is that chores simply don’t go anywhere. Ease your loved one’s mind by taking care of some of those tedious housekeeping tasks like mowing the lawn or watering plants. Trying to do all of these tasks while sick can be quite overwhelming, so taking some of them off their plate is an incredible gift. Here are a few places to start:

  • Do their laundry
  • Dust/vacuum
  • Water plants
  • Yard work
  • Pick the kids up from school
  • Pick up medication from the pharmacy

Important note: This gift is extra helpful when you simply show up and help out where you can, rather than relying on your loved one to tell you what they need. When going through a health journey, the last thing they need is another worry. Taking these chores off their mind will be sincerely appreciated.

“I had pneumonia when my boys were little and friends came, cleaned my house and brought meals that they put in freezer to have for next few weeks. This was wonderful. I never asked, they just showed up and took over.”

Barbara Smith

11. Pet Care

If your loved one is in and out of the hospital, or is laid up at home, they may need help taking care of their furry friends. Save them the money on doggy day care by offering to take care of their pet while they heal. Both your loved one and their pet will appreciate the extra help.

12. Pray for Them

Offering up a prayer for your loved one can make both of you feel more supported. To amplify the support, try starting a prayer chain for your loved one, so they know people are always thinking of them.

13. Show Up for a Visit

In some cases, a personal visit or phone call could mean even more than a physical gift.

“I call my sister almost every day (she’s in George, I’m in NYC). Regardless of how far away, I always make a surprise visit. I don’t ask her if I can do anything, I do whatever she needs done. A surprise visit is a happy visit. I always love to see her big smile when she sees me.”

Gloria Jean Jackson

14. Hold their Hand

A simple hug or holding their hand can be a great source of comfort in that moment.

“It doesn’t cost anything. Take their hand – hold – squeeze – hold on – it defuses the pain.”

William Magley

What Other Gift Ideas Do You Have?

We hope these 14 “get well” gift ideas sparked some inspiration. But we could always use more ideas. What gifts have you given or received that have made a difference? Share in the comments below!

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Cindy Galt Apr 30, 2020 6:17pm
A nice soothing CD to listen to while curled up in a chair or on the couch in your new comfy robe and pj's, with your nice scented candle on the table next to you. Or maybe a gift card for a massage and mani/pedi for when she is well.