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How to Use CaringBridge as ‘Information Central’

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Photo Credit: David McLain

Known fact: No one has time to talk on the phone during a health crisis.

But keeping family and friends updated via email and text can be just as time-consuming—with every well-intended person creating an individual conversation loop.

And then there’s Facebook and Twitter, which many CaringBridge users say are not the right places to share private medical details.

This comment, from a North Carolina man who is the main author of his wife’s CaringBridge website, is typical: “Facebook and Twitter are social … not for a health journey. There is an inherent level of privacy that CaringBridge gives us that makes us feel protected. Plus, there are no ads.

So with the primary goals of keeping loved ones in the loop, and minimizing distraction for those providing the all-important health updates, many authors recommend using CaringBridge as “Information Central.” In their own words:

  • “Make CaringBridge your ‘Single Source of Truth,’ and tell everyone that’s where you’re doing all your writing. That way you don’t have to tell the story in 10 different places.”
  • “You can share with your Facebook and Twitter followers a link to your CaringBridge website, or an individual Journal entry, by clicking the social media icons that appear on your CaringBridge homepage and Journal page.”
  • “Remind your family and friends to ‘Follow’ you on CaringBridge, so they can receive automatic notifications by text or email every time you make an update.”
  • Reminder: Authors can update their CaringBridge privacy settings at any time, simply by clicking the “Site Settings” icon on the homepage, followed by “Privacy.” This is the place to control who can see what you write on CaringBridge, and decide how you prefer people to share your health journey.

    Helpful Hint: Log in With Facebook

    Did you know that you can log into CaringBridge with your Facebook Username and Password? This is common practice in the internet world, to make things easier for you. This doesn’t appear on your Facebook feed and doesn’t impact your CaringBridge privacy settings.

    Care to Share Your Own Tips?

    Please add to the conversation by sharing in the “Comment” section below your own tips on using Facebook to promote your CaringBridge website.

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